How does rain affect the pergola with retractable awnings?

In the world of outdoor structures, pergolas with retractable awnings have emerged as a popular addition to your comfort. They don’t only offer protection from the sun but also allow you to enjoy the natural environment.

Though everyone tries to buy a pergola with awnings while watching out for the material used in its formation to make sure that it could stand the harsh environmental condition. However, each structure is affected by high intensity sunlight, snow and rain.

If you want to know how rain can affect your pergola with retractable awnings, read the article till the end.

What are retractable awnings of pergola?

Retractable awnings for pergolas are versatile shading solutions. They can be added to pergola structures to provide adjustable protection from harsh weather conditions. They consist of a fabric canopy that can be extended or retracted according to your needs.

Pergola awnings are designed to be mounted onto the top of the pergola cross-beams. They are operated by manual crank, a motorized mechanism or smart home automation systems. If they are extended, the fabric canopy covers the open spaces between the cross-beams to offer protection from the UV sun rays.

However, when they are retracted, the canopy is neatly rolled up and stored to allow the sunlight to filter through and maintain an open air feel. Retractable pergola awnings allow you to have customizable shade and a flexible amount of sunlight.  Moreover, they add a sense of comfort to your outdoor space.

Besides this, they enhance the overall look of your pergola. Also, it allows you to enjoy nature as you want. High-quality retractable awnings are often made from durable and weather resistant materials. So, they require minimal maintenance and longtime enjoyment.

How does rain affect pergolas with retractable awnings?

Rain affects the retractable pergola awnings in many ways. However, if proper steps are taken you can save them from the effects of rain. Here are some effects that rain has on pergolas with retractable damages and how you can avoid them.

 Weight and Stress

If the design or angle of the awning is not optimal rainwater can pool and collect on the fabric of the awning. This collection of water adds weight to the awning and the overall structure of the pergola structure. When not removed, this additional weight and stress causes many structural problems such as bending, sagging and ultimately the structural failure.

Therefore, you should make it sure that the pergola and awning are designed to shed rainwater effectively. Also, the awning should have an appropriate slope to allow proper water to run off. To avoid this problem, you should choose materials that are lightweight and durable to minimize the effect of added weight.

Don’t forget to inspect the awning and the pergola structure regularly to watch out for the signs of stress, sagging or any kind of damage. If you find these issues, you should resolve them promptly to prevent further damage.

Fabric Quality and Appearance

Rainwater often carries dust, dirt, pollen and other types of debris that can settle on the awning fabric. When this stands there for a long time it can cause staining and deterioration of the appearance and quality of fabric.

To avoid this situation you should clean the awning with a soft brush or hose to remove debris regularly. The best you can do is use mild soap and water to gently clean the fabric but don’t use washing powder as it contains harsh chemicals that might damage weather-resistant properties of fabrics.

Moreover, don’t forget to perform a detailed cleaning of fabric at least once a year. If your area has heavy pollen or dust you should do cleaning more frequently.

Mold and Mildew

If you leave the awning rolled up after rain while it is damp or you fail to dry it properly after rain water gets into it a moist environment is created. This favors the formation of molds and mildews. It not only damages the fabric but also produces unpleasant adore and carries the spores to the seating area that may be a health problem.

So, once the rain is over extend the awning to allow it to dry before you roll it back. Moreover, if you find any mildew or mold growing on the awning follow this quick hack. Take water and mix it with fabric cleaner or vinegar and clean the affected area. Make sure that proper ventilation is being provided to the awning to get rid of moisture accumulation.

Motor or Mechanism Damage

Heavy rain can potentially impact the motor, electrical components and the retracting mechanism in motorized retractable awnings. Though awnings are designed to withstand various weather conditions, the excessive exposure to rain affects their efficiency overtime.

After you install a pergola in your house make sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines related to using the pergola in harsh weather. If you want to prolong the life of your pergola you should retract the awning during heavy rain or storms to prevent water from affecting the motor or mechanism.

Moreover, if the awning gets wet make sure to dry it completely before retracting. This will save the motorized parts from entering sensitive components.

Tips to save retractable pergola awnings from rain

Protecting your pergola from rain is better than repairing it or buying a new one. Here are some tips to save your retractable pergola from rain:

  • Make sure to choose high quality materials that are designed to withstand harsh conditions like rain or snow.
  • Clean your pergola frequently to protect it from dirt build up and damage. Moreover, it prevents rain water from standing in awnings.
  • Maintain the angle of awning to water fall to prevent accumulation of rainwater.
  • Don’t the awning extend during heavy storms or strong winds because it can damage the awning or the pergola structure.

Final Words

Retractable pergola with awning can be affected by rain if you let the water accumulate and stand there. It causes moisture to get into the structure and promotes growth of molds and mildews. Therefore, take care of your retractable pergola during rainy season. To buy best pergolas in affordable price, you can visit Purple Leaf today.


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