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Why Our Sunbrella® Outdoor Umbrella

Sunbrella®, a leader in high-quality functional fabrics, believes life is more beautiful when it is well-designed and worry-free. It has excellent UV resistance, with a blocking rate of more than 98% and UPF value of 50+, which is far beyond the international values. It is the product recommended by the World Skin Cancer Foundation for preventing the harmful effects. PURPLE LEAF's Sunbrella umbrella is the best patio umbrella to shade your sun-filled outdoor space.

About Sunbrella® Fabric

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Sunbrella® is a safe fabric certified by the Skin Cancer Foundation. According to Specialty Fabrics Review, ATA’s flagship magazine, Sunbrella® fabric offers superior sun protection with a UPF 50+ rating, blocking 98% of UV rays. It can prevent the chances of skin cancer to a certain extent. After our tests, the UV protection is very effective.

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Sunbrella® is Committed to the Environment. They dedication to quality ensures that you are getting a product that lasts longer and needs to be replaced less often, ultimately creating less waste. Sunbrella products hold their color and strength, outlasting traditional fabrics. The Sunbrella fabric paired with the PURPLE LRAF umbrella is really a perfect match.

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Sunbrella® fabrics are mold and mildew resistant, stain and water resistant, and designed to stand all the tests of time. Sunbrella® fabrics of all colors can stand up to cleaning with bleach, but other fabrics may fade with bleach use. And Sunbrella offer 10-year limited warranty for shade fabric.

Our Sustainability Umbrella Fabric

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Sunbrella products are rooted in sustainability throughout the manufacturing of the fiber, yarn, and fabric. Transform fabric waste into sustainable new fabric with the Sunbrella Renaissance program. If you have purchased our Sunbrella patio umbrellas and would like to replace the fabric after many years of use, you can contact us to purchase a new umbrella fabric and recycle your old umbrella fabric through the Recycle My Sunbrella program to be environmentally friendly.

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Unique Technology Makes Every Piece of Sunbrella® Fabric "Multi-Functional"

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[ Fiber ] Sunbrella® fiber, proprietary pigment formula, unique coloring process, so that the color is evenly distributed in the fiber, not easy to fade; while the traditional dyeing methods can only make the color adhere to the surface of the yarn, which is easy to cause fading.

[ Yarn ] Yarn manufacturing process using USTER spinning expert system, online real-time monitoring to ensure the uniformity of the yarn and its performance stability.

[ Weaving ] The weaving process maintains a constant air temperature and humidity to ensure the stability and consistency of the fabric tension and other physical properties.

[ Finishing ] Soft water is used throughout the whole process as the only water used in the fabric cleaning and finishing process to achieve high quality and performance after fabric treatment.

[ Nspection ] 100% double inspection of fabrics, far higher than the industry standard defects inspection, to ensure the high quality of fabrics.


Feel free to purchase our Sunbrella Outdoor Shade and share your beautiful pictures with us!

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