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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a retractable pergola on my own?

Of course you can. PURPLE LEAF provides aluminum retractable pergolas in around 90 lbs which are very light and portable. Furthermore, every part is labeled clearly and installation instruction is included in the package. No need to wait and you can just assemble it by yourself!
According to costumer reviews, under most circumstances, assembly will be finished by one person within 2-3 hours while time could be reduced to 1 hour if by two.

How long does a retractable pergola last?

A wooden pergola lasts about 5 to 10 years in most cases but life span of our aluminum retractable pergola can be extended for 15 years or more.
Thanks to its stability, weather-resistance, and corrosion-resistance, it can withstand harsh sunlight and heavy rain, and remains a long companion for your outdoor life.

What are the advantages of the retractable pergolas?

  • Cost-effective: Just take $400 to $550, you can enhance both appearance and function of your patio , and turn it into a paradise right in your house.
  • Flexible canopy: One product, two functionalities. Whether sunshine mode or shade mode, you can easily switch between 2 modes just by rolling it in or out. Additionally, PURPLE LEAF upgraded the canopy to be more UV protective and ensure you won’t get sunburned.
  • Fashion design: We diversify the design. Whether you prefer modern or traditional, colors option like grey, white, or wood grain, they are all available to match your house style. Furthermore, you can consider matching it with our patio chair or dining set. Here, you can have meals with family and friends or just take a rest comfortably.
  • Portable: If you need to rearrange the layout of patio, a retractable pergola can do you a favor. It is more lightweight than a traditional pergola with four screw holes at the bottom of each pillar. It’s easy to relocate when you want to.