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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the comfort of your outdoor chaise lounge compare to other seating options?

Different from traditional chaise lounges, Purple Leaf combines artificial aesthetic design and comfort to provide our customers with comfortable and multi-purpose modern chaise lounges. From the appearance point of view, we mainly provide S-shaped and L-shaped lounges. The S-shaped one fits most people's beautiful lines whose backrest not only provides a headrest but also has a gear adjustment design to provide comfortable feelings for our customers. The L-shaped one combines the design concepts of most traditional lounges and has been upgraded to durable Textilene fabric which is easy to clean, and mix with soft sponge materials. The back is also designed with gear adjustment, allowing our customers to relax physically and mentally whether they are enjoying sunbathing or gathering with family.There are also two sliding wheels attached to the bottom of both back legs of the lounges, allowing you to adjust the position of the outdoor chaise recliners easily.

How does the modern design of my outdoor chaise lounge chairs complement various outdoor decor styles?

Purple Leaf supports our prime customers to freely purchase suitable outdoor chaise lounges to decorate their warm homes online. Our customer service will provide our customers with the best service and assist them in choosing the best outdoor recliner for their decor when shopping. Choosing the most suitable outdoor chaise chairs to match different styles of decks and patios will undoubtedly showcase people's unique tastes.We might recommend matching with some cool colors, such as black, beige, and gray chaise lounges if the decoration style of your deck and terrace is in the style of modern and simple design, to create a concise and elegant sense of space, which will undoubtedly add the beauty and unique charm to your home. Outdoor chaise recliners in bright colors such as turquoise blue and terra red color are bold and eye-catching choices and are the main color lounges considered by most of our customers.Placing a cappuccino or a small piece of chocolate cake on a side table next to a modern lounge chair can help you unwind from a stressful day's work while also improving your happiness in life.

What materials are your outdoor lounge chairs made of?

Different from traditional outdoor chaise recliners, the fabric of the recliners does not adopt rattan design and PVC plastic material but is upgraded to Textilene fabric, using composite yarn with a special high-density suture structure to enhance the chair's durability. The textilene fabric is specially designed for outdoor which has been professionally tested by experts for abilities of UV-resistant, waterproof, breathable, and able to withstand wind and sun. Not only that, the frame of the outdoor lounge chairs is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which can easily cope with long-term outdoor use and prevent the frame from rusting and corrosion. If you want a set of outdoor chaise lounges that are essential for patio leisure and entertaining parties, consider purchasing a set from Purple Leaf.