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Outdoor Swing Chair

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hang swing chairs?

Firstly, you need to choose a sturdy and steady place to set the swing chair and make sure it’s not easy to move in this position. Secondly, its suspension parts can bear the weight of both the swing chair and the users. PURPLE LEAF’s outdoor swing chairs are designed with high strength composite spring hooks, which are upgraded to enhance the load capacity as well as the soft swing experience, to provide the pleasant outdoor time for users.
Matching up the swing chairs with outdoor dining set can create an area collecting ways of entertainment and dining. This combination of outdoor entertainment and dining enhances the happiness of outdoor dining and builds a cozy outdoor space for people to freely enjoy the outdoor time.

What is the weight capacity of an outdoor swing chair?

The swing chair frame is made of steel, which is not easy to bend. It is both sturdy and light, yet has a powerful load capacity. Different styles and dimensions are with different load capacity, which is 600 lbs for two-seat swing chair and 800 lbs for three-seat swing chair. This design not only provides various options, but also meets the different purposes under different circumstances.
Three-seat swing chairs are suitable for a family. Normally, it can accommodate a parent and their two children to share the outdoor time. It’s an unforgettable moment to foster the intimacy of family.
Two-seat swing chairs provide a delightful space for two adults to enjoy the outdoor peace and beauty. The design of two-seat swing chairs creates an ideal place to communicate and build a deeper relationship in such a sweet environment.

What is the best material for an outdoor swing chair?

The common materials of outdoor swing chairs are metal, wood, and willow. Metal is sturdier than willow, more weather-resistant than wood, and also light enough to move easily. Moreover, it is cost-effective to maintain and you only need to occasionally clean the dust off the frame.
PURPLE LEAF’s outdoor swing is firm, weather-resistant with strong load capacity while it’s powder coated. Its upgraded spring ensures a soft and cozy experience during the swinging process, offering enjoyment for users.

How to clean the cushion of swing chair?

If the seating cushions need to stay clean, you can clean them using different methods and tools. If you want to remove the dust or other stuff, you can use the brushes and vacuum cleaner to remove them. If you want to clean the stain of cushion coverings, you can remove the coverings for cushions firstly, clean them with mild detergent and cold water, and dry them in a well-ventilated area, but they need to be kept out of direct sunlight which can make them faded or damaged. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help enhance the longevity and provide a pleasant experience for the users.