Coupons Policy

PURPLE LEAF coupons are always used during order checkout. We apply to the following coupon categories:

Discounts for New Subscribers

5% off coupon

New subscribers to our newsletter will automatically receive a 5% off coupon that can be used for most products across the site.Some exceptions apply. Customers will receive their first order discount coupon code in their email inbox after completing the sign-up.

Open the GET 5% OFF on the right side of the page and fill it in to receive it.

Refer Friend

6% and 8% off coupon

Refer a friend to the purple leaf shop by copying your link. he will get a 6% discount coupon.

When a friend spends any amount in our store, you will get an 8% discount coupon.

For details, please click here

Weekly Deals

We will put different products on the shelves every week as Weekly Deals activities. Under the condition that the quality of the products here is guaranteed, the price will be much cheaper than usual.

Point Coupons

Every time you spend $1 in a purple leaf shop, you can get 1 point, and when you have a certain point, you can redeem coupons or gift cards in our store, 100 Points = 1$ coupons or gift cards.

Gift Cards

You can use points to
redeem or buy gift cards for friends and family.
Gift cards can be used in combination withcoupons.



  • Some coupons have expiration dates, please use them within the expiration date.
  • Only one coupon can be used per order.
  • All coupons are only valid at Purple Leaf Shop.
  • Under special or complicated coupon conditions, PURPLE LEAF reserves the right to explain coupons to customers and advertisers.