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Louvered Pergola


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a louvered pergola?

As the name suggests, louvered pergola is designed with louvered roof, in contrast to the traditional pergola with fixed crossbeams. Roof of louvered pergola is made of louvers which can be adjusted in various angels. It looks more simple and modern to fit the contemporary house design. For the material, it is made of metal to enhance the stability and durability.
Rooted in outdoor furniture for over 10 years, PURPLE LEAF compares over 5 materials in terms of outdoor characteristics about the weather and offers various kinds of louvered pergola which combines appearance and function to meet your demand.

Why should I choose a louvered pergola rather than traditional pergola?

comparisonslouvered pergolatraditional pergola
adjustable rooffixed crossbeam
weightlight heavy
propertysunlight and damp resistanteasy to crack and be moldy after exposed to sun and rain
maintenance frequencylowhigh

Louvered pergola is an upgraded version of traditional pergola to meet higher demand. PURPLE LEAF offers various pergola to diversify the outdoor decor.

  • Flexible: Roof of louvered pergola is flexible and made of sturdy aluminum blinds. When the blinds are adjusted, the angle of sunlight follows to change.Traditional pergola is designed with fixed crossbeam and the light can not be controlled.
  • Modern: We hope we can own a tasty house, which makes it challenging when picking furniture.Versatile louvered pergola can relieve the anxiety. It is simple and elegant in terms of smooth surface and modern line. Traditional pergola is made of wood and suitable for village.
  • Durable: Comparing to interior furniture, outdoor furniture faces more potential damage. Aluminum is corrosion resistant and form a protective layer in nature to stay firm. Traditional pergola is made of wood and easy to affected by sunlight and rain. Hence, it’s easier to be corroded and broken.
  • Easy maintenance: Have you worried about paying too much time and money for maintenance after bringing it home?This is the best part of aluminum pergola. You just need to clean once every season while traditional pergola needs to maintain once every month.

Why is louvered pergola expensive?

Louvered pergola is the most expensive in terms of average price among all kinds of pergolas, which stands for its value as well. A louvered pergola can enhance the house value. The whole frame is made of premium aluminum to bring stability. Some consumers need larger area to have outdoor exercise. Therefore,it is available in large size such as 12×16 inches, to accommodate the dining set, which increases fees on logistics and transportation.