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Are you looking to buy a pergola for your house? Or just want to replace your old wooden pergola? If yes, you have got to the right place. The world of pergolas has been taken by storm by metal pergolas that are a winning option among all other materials. However, the selection becomes difficult when many types of metal pergolas are available in the market places.

Don’t worry we are here to solve your confusion. This article focuses on why aluminium can ve the best material for pergola and how sustainable and durable it is. So, let’s start by introducing the aluminium pergolas.

Aluminium-The best partner of pergolas

The structure of aluminium pergolas is made of powder coated aluminium. They have a double roof that is made of aluminium blades or a technical fabric that blocks UV rays from reaching the sitting area. Each type is controlled by remote control or mobile application and is completely motorised for efficient operation.

The size of aluminium pergolas falls between 3x2, 2x3 and 3x5 and they are made keeping in mind that they are designed to enhance the beauty of your outdoor area. Moreover, these structures are mostly used in gardens and terraces that are to be protected from sunlight and bad weather.

Most people prefer aluminium pergola over gazebo because they are weather resistant and good for aesthetics lovers. So, people go for choosing ones that are made of durable materials and can integrate into any area and complement the rest of furniture in home.

Outdoor structures like pergolas are subjected to wear and tear because they are exposed to the natural environment that is humid enough to cause deterioration. Therefore, the choice of material matters the most in this regard. Though the longevity of an outdoor structure and its aesthetics depend on the maintenance, aluminium pergolas have proven themselves over time to be the best outdoor structures.

The benefits of Aluminum Pergolas

1.  Lightweight

Pergolas are one-time installation structures but people nowadays don’t prefer wooden or steel pergolas because they are extremely heavy and difficult to install. Just like a wooden pergola on a roof deck would be difficult to install unless and is of minimised size unless the roof supports are added to installation.

Moreover, heavier pergolas require to be designed more aesthetically to look good. However, lightweight pergolas like aluminium pergolas are not only easier to install but also offer a dynamic design that can be fitted everywhere without the support.

Wooden or steel pergolas are not motorised because they are heavy and have to remain static. However, the modern aluminium pergolas have motorised and adjustable louvred roofs that can be opened and closed just with a single touch or pressing a button. This way you can have a versatile structure outdoors that is completely under your control for sunlight and shade balance in your patio or backyard.

2.  Durable

Wooden and steel outdoor pergolas are overrated because they are high maintenance. For example, the steel pergola demands painting annually to avoid rust and the wooden pergola demands oiling to avoid the rot. A new structure made of vinyl was introduced in the pergola race that too was short lived because vinyl damages very easily.

Since the advent of aluminium pergolas, the durability issue has been greatly resolved. You might be thinking that aluminium is also a metal and it is also subject to rust. Yes, you are right but aluminium pergolas are made from powder coated aluminium that not only offers wear and tear resistance but is also rust proof.

Though aluminium pergolas are more durable than other options, their durability also depends on how you choose to use these structures. Without proper maintenance everything becomes short lived and the same is the case with aluminium pergolas. Therefore, if you want to have one in your house you must use it with great care.

3.  Flexible

The best pergola is one that is durable and flexible to install and aluminium pergolas are great choices for those who are looking for these properties. Aluminium pergolas are structurally strong and minimise the need of support columns so your patio becomes less distractive. Moreover, aluminium is the perfect material for all types of climates. This means that the pergolas you own would be heat and blaze resistant and would stand against heavy rains and winds too.

Moreover, aluminium pergolas are highly customizable. You can raise them to any height for letting the air come in and have better sunset views. Moreover, their frame is hollow and allows you to have an internal gutter system for LED lighting. Another flexibility of aluminium pergolas is that they have retractable privacy screens and you can also integrate cooling systems in them.

4.  Sustainable

With advancement in technology people are becoming more environmentally friendly. Wooden pergolas were popular in the past. However, they have no room now. This is because a wooden structure ends up in a landfill especially when it rots. Aluminium pergolas are more sustainable because aluminium can be recycled after your pergola gets retired or you want to get a new one for your house. Moreover, the value of aluminium pergola stays persistent over time because wood being a natural material comes with a limited life.

Best Aluminum Pergolas at Purple leaf

Finding the best aluminium pergola is not a point to worry anymore because Purple Leaf is here as your furniture rescuer. The best part is they have an online store. To make your task easier, here are the best two Purple leaf aluminium pergolas.

PURPLE LEAF Outdoor Adjustable Louvered Aluminum Pergola

This louvred pergola is made of a powder-coated aluminium frame which is scratch resistant and corrosion resistant. So, you can use that for many years. This pergola is designed with two adjustable roofs and adjustable poles. You can adjust it from 0° to 90° and enjoy protection options against sun, rain, and wind.

PURPLE LEAF Louvered Pergola Outdoor Aluminum Pergola with Adjustable Roof

The versatile pergola comes with an adjustable roof that you can adjust to any height. This lightweight pergola has two adjustable roofs to let you enjoy protection from sun and rain in just $3599.



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