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While you are up to buy a retractable pergola for your outdoor spaces, budget is the foremost consideration. This is so because the luxury structures like retractable pergolas come with a wide range of price tags that differ according to the features they have and customization options available in them.

Retractable pergolas price usually depends on the manufacturing tactics, assembly and levels of durability. So, before you go to buy one for yourself or are planning to buy online you should know the link between these factors and the price of retractable pergola.

Here is a detailed guide on how much a retractable pergola costs and what factors you should consider before buying one for your backyard or patio.

Price of a Retractable Pergola

The cost of retractable pergola depends on different parameters and they generally start from $300 for a small frame with little customization options. However, if you add integrated lights, shapes, overhangs and custom gutters to it the price is going to become higher.

The price of a pergola depends on size, quality of fabrics, robustness of frame, number of motors and sensors, timers and remote control options. Moreover, if you want to add extra customization then you must have the budget according to the upgradation you want in your pergola.

If you want to buy one form of purple leaf you can get your favourite retractable pergolas between $300 and $4000 because they offer the best value in the town. Don’t dare to think that these pergolas are not durable enough due to their affordable prices. Purple leaf enjoys the perk of being the best pergola selling store online.

Thing To Consider While Choosing A Pergola According To Price

Buying a retractable pergola could not be a difficult task for many but most people find it difficult to adjust according to their budget. Here are some factors you should consider before buying a retractable pergola.

Outdoor needs

Retractable pergola is installed to have a nice living place outdoors or to protect you from weather extremities. So, before buying make sure that you really want a shade in your house or you spend most of the time indoors?

If you don’t sit outside of your living room to enjoy nature you must not buy a pergola. However, if you want to enjoy nature then go for it and customise your pergola according to your needs.

Style of your house

If your house has a classy vintage look then retractable pergola may not be a good option because you can get a nice looking outdoors with a gazebo. However, if you have a contemporary house with lots of technical luxuries then having a retractable pergola is completely worth it.

Moreover, the style of your house will also make you choose between the varieties of options because you will choose the one that matches your lifestyle. So, the price goes up as you add more sophistication and charm to your retractable pergolas.


When it comes to buying pergolas the thing that has a drastic effect on your budget is the size of the pergola. If you have a large backyard or more family members that a small pergola could not accommodate, you would definitely need a bigger one. Similarly, you have to pay a big amount for the bigger pergola with a frame that could carry it efficiently.

However, if you have a small family that can be accommodated under a small pergola or doin;t have a big backyard then you should go for a smaller one. If your budget is high you can add more customizations to the smaller one to get the best of it.


The more money you put into something more value you get out of it. Same is the case with retractable pergolas. The pergolas made from high quality material are more durable than those made out of low quality materials because they don’t break easily. Hence, they are expensive as compared to ones that are made of cheap materials and damage easily.

You must keep in mind that items like retractable pergolas are one time purchase and you should spend wisely in choosing the structure that could maintain its shape and style for a long time. Moreover, make sure that you lookout for the motor and electric system while selecting to have hassle free movement and a reliable structure to save you from harsh weather.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions have a lot to do with your choice of buying a retractable pergola. If you live in an area where it is winter's all the time and little sunny days, there is no purpose of having a retractable pergola because you need no shade. However, in areas where rainfalls and summer sun is frequent you should have a retractable pergola in your house for shade.

If you live in an area with frequent rains, choose the best material for the pergola because the metals can rust in the presence of humidity. This way the life of outdoor pergola is shortened.

Installation Process

The installation process of your retractable pergola has a lot to do with determining the price of your system. If you have a pergola that has a complex installation process, you might have to pay extra for that. However, if installation is easy you can do it just like any DIY project and save yourself a handsome amount.

The Best Retractable Pergola Supplier

While buying the best pergola everyone wants to get the best out of what they are going to spend. Purple Leaf is one of the big names that are famous for their retractable pergolas available at affordable prices. They offer you to choose the pergola according to your need and budget. Thor pergolas cost between $350 to $4000. No matter if you want a retractable pergola for your backyard that you seldom use or want a classy structure that could stand the test of time and whether Purple leaf can cover all your needs. Happy shopping!


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