Replacement Umbrella Screw Package


Price: $20
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  1. ONLY Suitable for Purple Leaf DOUBLE TOP cantilever umbrella. 
  2. The PJUM10023 is compatible with Purple Leaf all feet offset cantilever umbrella except 10X13 feet, 13 round feet and 12 square feet offset cantilever umbrella  
  3. The PJUM10024 is compatible with Purple leaf 1013 feet,13 round feet12 square feet offset cantilever umbrella.
  4. The screw kit only contain the screws, washers and allen wrench shown in the picture. If you missing the screw in the other position, please send pictures to us and we will help you order the correct screw.
  5. Non-return policy:Since the price of the accessory is mostly for shipping cost, we DON'T ACCEPT RETURN for any of the following reasons:
  • You purchase the part by mistake.
  • The part does not fit because you provide the wrong information such as wrong size and wrong model of your umbrella.
  • You change your mind.
To avoid the mistake, we suggest you contact our customer service by to confirm the correct part you need. Pictures and original order information would be helpful. We will reply within 24 hours.