PURPLELEAF Outdoor Louvered Pergola Roller Blinds with Thermal Insulated, UV Protection Waterproof Fabric, Privacy Protection for Bronze Pergola, Easy to Install


Color: Bronze
Size: 10'
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Introducing our exquisite retractable pergola roller blinds! Designed with the highest standards, this exceptional product offers an array of captivating features to elevate your outdoor experience.

Premium Tesslin Fabric: Immerse yourself in the luxury of our top-quality Tesslin fabric, known for its durability, breathability, and impeccable craftsmanship,designed to withstand the test of time.

Aluminum Alloy Frame: Crafted with precision using aluminum alloy, our pergola roller blinds combines elegance with strength, ensuring long-lasting performance and resistance to various weather conditions.

Superior Light Control: Enjoy the remarkable light control provided by our roller blinds, offering excellent shading capabilities to create the perfect ambiance and protect against harsh sunlight.

Effortless Installation: Experience the ease of assembly with our user-friendly design, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly install your pergola roller blinds without any hassle or professional assistance.

Easy Maintenance: With convenience in mind, our roller blinds is designed for hassle-free cleaning, guaranteeing a fresh and pristine appearance all year round.

Elevate your outdoor space to new heights of sophistication with our retractable pergola roller blinds. Immerse yourself in the luxurious Tesslin fabric and indulge in the impeccable craftsmanship. Embrace the beauty of seamless light control and relish the ease of installation and maintenance. It's time to transform your outdoor oasis into a haven of elegance and comfort.


The 10'Roller Blinds size is suitable for the PURPLE LEAF 10'x13' or 10'x14' Louvered Pergola.

The 11'Roller Blinds size is suitable for the PURPLE LEAF 11'x13' or 11'x14' Louvered Pergola.

The 12'Roller Blinds size is suitable for the PURPLE LEAF 12'x12', 12'x14', 12'x16' or 12'x20' Louvered Pergola.

The 13'Roller Blinds size is suitable for the PURPLE LEAF 10'x13' or 11'x13' Louvered Pergola.

The 14'Roller Blinds size is suitable for the PURPLE LEAF 10'x14', 11'x14' or 12'x14' Louvered Pergola.

The 16'Roller Blinds size is suitable for the PURPLE LEAF 12'x16' Louvered Pergola.

The 20'Roller Blinds size is suitable for the PURPLE LEAF 12'x20' Louvered Pergola.

Note: Roller Blinds Only and Frames NOT Included.