PURPLE LEAF Hardtop Gazebo For Patio Wood Grain Galvanized Steel Frame Awning With Netting

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Size: 10' x 12'
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  • Sturdy Aluminum FrameOutstanding teak-finish powder-coated aluminum frame, sturdy for 4 seasons use and always catch your eyes.
  • 【Strong Resistant】Fade and rust-resistant galvanized steel top, keeps out bright light and harmful UV rays, strong enough to withhold heavy snow.Vented roof for optimum airflow and comfort, helps withstand strong wind and heavy rains.
  • 【Netting Included】Comes with the removable upgraded netting, more durable, keeps bugs out of the gazebo. Curtain NOT INCLUDED.
  • 【Drainage System Design】Water gutter design ensures rainwater flows out of the edges of the frame and poles.
  • Valid Warranty】We offer limited time warranty against manufacturing defect for our product:5 years warranty on the hardtop roof, 2 years warranty on the netting, 1 year warranty on the frame constructions.
  • Attention❗Anchor the gazebo as soon as finish the installation. As the purchaser of this product, you are advised to consult your local city, municipality and applicable HOA guidelines for guidance on building codes and/or zoning requirements for your area before purchase. This structure may require a permission.

This is a stylish and sturdy outdoor patio gazebo. It features a simple design that offers a large shade and gives efficient large protection from bright light, sun's rays and harsh heat. PURPLE LEAF hardtop gazebo gives you a spot to enjoy your garden come rain or shine. It will become a permanent addition to your outdoor space, ideal for entertaining or simply relaxing alone or with family.

Superior Design
  • Keep Ventilated
  • Reflect UV Rays
  • Rust Resistant

Upgrade Netting
  • Removable Textilene
  • Fade Resistant
  • Tear Resistant

More Details

Galvanized Steel Roof

Compare to traditional soft top, this kind of roof is strong enough to withhold any heavy snow and offer unbeatable stability in windy conditions.

High Quality Netting Included

High quality and removable Textilene netting protect you from outside,creates a private space for you,family and friends.

Sturdy Poles and Stands

Triangular teak-finish powder coated aluminum pole and strong anchoring stand designed to fix on the floor for sturdy installation.

Color Wood Grain
Material Aluminum frame galvanized hardtop roof
Fabric Yarn dyed polyester
Wind Rate 40mph
Snow Load Capacity 2500LBS
Using Occasion Perfect for outdoor events,such as wedding,parties,grills and other outdoor space use
Compared With Different Size
Size 10'x12' 10'x14' 12'x12' 12'x16' 12'x18' 12'x20'
Roof dimensions 120 x 144 inches 120 x 168 inches 144 x 144 inches 144 x 192 inches 144 x 216 inches 144 x 240 inches
Foot dimensions 111.7 x135.4 inches 111.7 x160.3 inches 136.1 x136.1 inches 136.1 x184.0 inches 136.1 x207.7 inches 136.1 x226.7 inches
Gross weight 295.4 lbs 341.9 lbs 321.6 lbs 415.3 lbs 470.2 lbs 495.8 lbs
Number of hook 2 2 1 3 3 3
Maximum load of hook 20 lbs 20 lbs 20 lbs 20 lbs 20 lbs 20 lbs
Number of package 5 boxes 6 boxes 4 boxes 5 boxes 5 boxes 5 boxes
Number of columns 4 4 4 4 6 6

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Robert Dwaine Butterfield
Our Experience building a Blue Leaf Gazebo

First of all, we are very happy now that we have the gazebo completed and it will be used in events for my upcoming sons wedding.
A list some things we had difficulties with, though in large part, the instructions were clear and we were successful. Thanks for the help of two neighbors, who are much younger than us.
So here goes
1. Instructions. We are old-school we read the directions. I know that’s pretty passé these days but we do however and we couldn’t find them and had to keep opening box after box until we finally discovered them on the fifth or sixth box we opened.
Proposed solution perhaps you could mark the box like open me first Christmas!!
2. Order of opening the boxes would have been very nice. For example, to have said first open this package than this than this in some logical order. This was important because we were moving everything from the garage out to the building site one box at a time..
3. Foundation the directions once we found them tell us to use 4 inch long bolts of the expansion type, which I’m familiar with. Unfortunately, these were not available in the quarter inch diameter specified. I had to use a larger diameter but this barely fit through the holes in the base plate. This resulted in a lot of Banging and hammering on the bolts to get them exactly, lined up despite our best efforts.
Solution you’ve sent thousands of bolts please just add eight more or 12 more to attach the base plates to a concrete pad.
4. Shingle assembly. The very last bolt that had to be installed to attach the final shingles on each end is impossible to reach unless you have an overhead crane. Even my very long legged neighbors weren’t able to reach it so we had to fabricate a tool to reach over and install it Perhaps if the order of installation were made more clear, this could’ve been avoided, but it seemed impossible from my reading, and I wasn’t up there on the ladders .
5. Gutters or lack thereof. Given the unusual torrential rains we’re having here in California this year I’ve noticed that the water simply drips off all of the edges. It would sure be nice if this system had been designed with an actual gutter and downspout.

So there you have it, those are my complaints they’re not severe, but they did make the assembly take longer than we had expected and had it not been for neighbors who were able to climb up on ladders and do the complicated installation of the shingles it would still be in its boxes and wouldn’t be used for my son’s wedding.
Nevertheless we like it very much, and are happy and looking forward to using it for many different outdoor activities, where it will offer shade with breeze and view of our garden and backyard.

John Hendricks
Purple Leaf Metal Roof Gazebo 10’x12’

The gazebo is very nice. It is very sturdy. It has gone through 35 plus miles per hour winds. It looks good on my deck. Have had good support from the staff at Purple Leaf. Have recommended that the box with assembly directions be identified as having assembly directions inside.All components needed to assemble gazebo were there. Would recommend at least two people work on assembly.In conclusion, I recommend the gazebo I purchased.

Barry Flicker
Carport in a box (5 actually)

I’d been trying to figure out for years how I could build a two vehicle carport in our odd shaped driveway without spending $20 plus K and hassling with permits. I tried the click pole tarp-topped option. Cheap, looked good, and accommodated the cars nicely, but blew over in stormy winds despite weighted anchors. The Purple Leaf 12x20 Gazebo was the perfect engineered solution.

Fred Gutierrez
Easy to erect

Great product, easy to follow instructions, my wife and myself erected the gazebo, no leaks during rain and plenty of shade

Lisa Ballouk
Beautiful Gazebo

Beautiful gazebo. Took 2 people to assemble 2.5 days. Missing a few parts that were delivered to us quickly after I called Purple Leaf. Responsive and good quality for good price.