Stay sun-safe on your patio with PURPLE LEAF outdoor umbrella

Elevate your outdoor shade with our high-quality fabric

What type of patio cantilever umbrella do you prefer?

Classic Double Top Umbrella

High-end atmosphere,
different from others.
The top of the umbrella has a wind discharge port.
It is more suitable for windy places,
and keeps smoothness better.
Family garden and outdoor stores can choose this one.

Economical Single Top Umbrella

Better quality than the ones on the market.
Lower price than the market.
Many colors and styles.
You can use it in any scene
according to your preference and style.

Functional Umbrella with Light

Upgraded light,
large area lighting.
Longer use time,
can be used day and night.
Solar powered light,
permanent illumination.
Let the LED lighted umbrella light up your outdoor nights.


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Our products have been put through an extensive testing process ensuring a superior quality product. We offer a 3-year warranty for the fabric and a 1-year warranty for the component.


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