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Pergola Kits

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functions and features of PURPLE LEAF's aluminum pergola?

  • Rust-resistance: Two kinds of pergolas are provided, louvered pergola and retractable pergola. Their durable frame are made of aluminum, which are moisture resistant, rust resistant, and stable structurally.
  • Aesthetic: Aluminum pergola is premium powder-coated to reduce the possibility of fading and ensure the appearance for about 5 years in different districts and weather.
  • Dimension options: To satisfy various demands about the space, PURPLE LEAF offers different size such as 10x10/10x12/12x12/12x16/12x20 inches. If you have a pretty large patio, you can purchase and assemble two or three pergola in same dimension.
  • Considerate design: It’s usual to incur mosquitoes and bugs when stay outdoors. Netting and curtain can protect them form biting.
  • Durable: Due to hardness rigidity, it is not easy to deform and bend like wood and no need to worry about termite. Aluminum have a longer lifespan outdoors thanks to its durability.

Is it worth to add a patio pergola?

  • Wonderful outdoor life: Pergola extends the living room. When you take a rest outside but sunlight is drizzling, or have meals but it’s burning hot, or have exercise on the deck but temperature is too high, it are able to provide a comfortable room to get fresh air.
  • Valuable: Just take hundreds of or thousands of dollars, it can enhance the house’s value by ten thousand on average, combing benefits of beautiful looking and investment.
  • Private: Pergola provides private room whether you are reading, socializing or gathering, and protects you from disturbing.
  • Decoration: Mixing modern and traditional style, PURPLE LEAF’s pergola perfectly upgrades your patio into fantastic area and to fit and match any styles, which displays the house owner’ s taste.

Are pergola kits easy to assemble?

PURPLE LEAF’s pergola kit is sent out in whole package. Each part is labeled and detailed installation instruction is included. Therefore, it’s convenient to assemble though you are not good at DIY.
We suggest that you can do it by yourself, which can save time and enjoy the happiness with family during the process. If you have any problems during the process, or are too busy to assemble, or need help from the third party, please feel free to contact our customer service.