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Patio Dining Sets

Frequently Asked Questions

What are patio dining sets?

Patio dining sets are the collection of tables and chairs which are used in the occasion of garden, balcony, patio, etc. Usually, they are made of weather resistant material, such as aluminum, metal, wood, plastic, wicker and so on.

Compared to the interior dining sets, patio dining sets are more protective from all kinds of weather and keep their appearance and function although it’s burning hot and moist. They can provide more comfortable outdoor dining experience when you are gathering with family or having party with friends. With the developing living standard, Combining good-looking, comfort, and function, they are not only pieces of furniture, but also a kind of lifestyle which is extended to outdoor space from interior living. People can enjoy the outdoor life more comfortably.

Are the material of your patio dining sets waterproof and how is the weather-resistant ?

There are three kinds of materials for Purple Leaf’s patio dining sets.

Aluminum, with the characteristics of light-weight, strong construction, and weather resistance, works in most kinds of weather conditions. For example, it is rust-resistant under the condition of damp environment and fade-resistant while exposed to long-term sunlight. It’s more durable and corrosion-resistant than other materials.

Apart from aluminum with characteristics of lightweight, we provide the product which is made of steel. It is more sturdy, water-resistant, and weather resistant than aluminum. Its surface is coated with premium powder so it can be used normally under the conditions of harsh sunlight, heavy rain, and snow. The coating also makes it more beautiful and creates a safe and reliable environment.

With the special processing, wicker turns better at weather resistance and water resistance to protect from harsh sunlight, heavy rain and snow. It is stable, fade-resistant, and not easy to deform whether in the hot summer or cold winter.

If you need extra shelter from sunlight or raindrops, you can consider the umbrella or hard-top gazebo to protect you from direct sun exposure and heavy rain, which can provide a comfortable and cozy space.

How do I clean and maintain my patio dining sets ?

For the cleaning part, different ways are used for different materials. If you need to remove the stain or dust on surface, you can wipe it with mild detergent and a soft cloth for aluminum or metal products, regular clean with a damp cloth to stay flexible and avoid cracks for the wicker product. If you need to clean the product with seat cushions and back cushions, you can easily remove the coverings and clean it after pulling the zipper down. After that, you can dry it in the well-ventilated area but not expose it to the sun for a long time.

For the maintenance part, it’s necessary to check regularly if it’s damaged or loose for the connected parts. Although it’s weather resistant, you need to cover it with a dust cover and put it in the well-ventilated area to protect it from being damp and mouldy if it’s idle for a long time or under extreme weather.

How to choose a patio dining set that fits my home decoration style ?

Firstly, you need to ensure the decoration style because it will affect the choice of dining set. If it’s modern decoration, you can choose the metal or the glass. If it’s casual and country style, you can choose the wood or wicker product. If you want french and romantic style, you can choose the aluminum product with elegant curves and details. Secondly, you need to consider the spatial dimensions, which are matched up to the interior design. Apart from that, it is up to your budget.