Should My Patio Furniture Match?

Meta Description: Want to replace your patio furniture? Are you confused about whether it should match or not? Here is all you need to know about it.

Should My Patio Furniture Match?

When it comes to patio furniture, a question lingers in everyone’s mind, should my patio furniture match?

Well! It is not necessary that your patio furniture should match. However, if you are following a specific theme then matching furniture can make your outdoor space captivating.

Remember that your patio is an extension of your personality, so don’t be afraid to put all your creativity in it and tell a unique story through your furniture.

Here’s all you need to know about whether patio furniture matches or not.





Is It OK To Mix Patio Furniture?

Yes! It’s OK to mix patio furniture to create a loveable outside place. However, many patio furniture sets available nowadays are made from different materials like aluminium and wood.  So, there is no need to worry if your Patio furniture is mixed.

If you have patio furniture that is mixed and you want to match it, just take a can of spray paint or just get some contrasting cushions. You can also try different colours, style, layout or themes to match the furniture.

How to Mix and Match Patio Furniture?

No matter if you have Patio area for sitting or relaxing, synchronisation is necessary. Your outdoor space and its components should be visually connected even if they are physically separated. To mix and match the furniture, designers often utilise Rule of three for enhancing their creativity. This means when something is repeated three times the human brain starts creating connections between those elements.

Therefore, by applying the Rule of Three you can bring a collection of mixed and matched patio furniture together to create a visually appealing arrangement.

Here are some ways you can match your patio furniture:

Match by Construction Material

Most common materials used to make patio furniture include metals, woods, wicker and resin. If you want to buy furniture that could match you can use Rule of Three to group three items of the same material together.

For example, if you have three metal items, you can add an accessory metal piece and put them together in an outdoor dining set. You can select a glass table with metal legs and pair it with metal chairs.

Moreover, if you have chairs with sling backs and wooden legs, you can add a wooden table to your set to make a matched pair.

Match by Layout

If you have two furniture sets of different materials like metal and wood, you can create a physically separate area for each set. You can do this by adding other elements like rugs, planters, statuary, or hanging ornaments. By strategically placing these items, you can visually define the boundaries between the two groups.

If you want that these two groups should not be visually distinguished, you can use colours to harmonise them. For example, if you have a preference for teal, you can include three teal items such as pillows, a patio umbrella, place mats, or tablecloth. These teal accents will provide a cohesive element that would tie both areas together, in spite of their distinct styles.

Match by Design

When it comes to design or style, people often have preferences for certain aesthetics such as modern, traditional, mid-modern, farmhouse, salvage-chic, or Southwestern. To create a cohesive look between you can group these design styles into two areas one could be dining and the other one deep seating.

For example, you can include farmhouse pieces into the dining area and southwestern elements into the deep seating area. You can use complementary colours that harmonise the overall look and feel of the room to bring the styles together.

Match by Colour

You can incorporate several elements that match the colourful new chairs to create a cohesive and visually appealing table setting. To match furniture by colour you can start by integrating melamine plates, vases, tablecloths, rugs and mats that bring together the diversity of colours.

Since green is a common colour in outdoor furniture you can use furniture cushions that can contain hints of green and you can tie everything together by including potted plants. Plants would not only add a touch of softness to modern furniture, but they can enhance the overall aesthetic. If you have a rose bush or climbing bloomer, select cushions that repeat the colours found in the blooms.

Additionally, you have an option to paint your furniture to match the desired colour scheme depending on the material. Mainly, wicker, wood, and metal are easy to paint and customised to your preference.

If you follow the rule of three, the flower colours, planter colours, wind chime colours, vases, and even charming Tiki glasses should match with the overall theme. This way you can create a beautiful table setting that ties together all the elements of furniture and decor seamlessly.

Best Colours for Patio Furniture in 2023

Your backyard should be the happiest and appealing place of your house because it can become a relaxation spot. The utmost choice of people nowadays are black. Black is classy and goes with anything.

If you don’t like black then you can go with super trendy bronze that has also been the colour of the year in 2021. This is deep moody and looks sophisticated if you pair it with neutral coloured cushions. No matter, if you are looking for a colour except black that could go with any of the layout. You can select beige colour and add pops of black, copper or bronze with it.

Moreover, in 2023 turquoise, deep red and yellow are the trendiest colours.  People prefer lively colours for their outdoor seating especially when they have to host parties and events there. And you know, everyone loves to click pictures now, so lively colours look beautiful and add freshness to the backgrounds in photos.

Final Words

Selecting patio furniture and décor can be a hectic task, especially when you are confused about your choices. It is not necessary that your patio furniture should match, you can mix different furniture according to style, colour and layout. If you are planning to buy patio furniture visit purple leaf today for best quality and features.

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