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Perfect Ways for Styling Bistro Furniture in Garden

Small gardens look crowded if you add furniture with many pieces to it. Your garden is supposed to make you feel relaxed and it fails to do that if you stuff it with furniture. It doesn’t mean you should not add furniture to your garden. You can add Bistro furniture to make your garden the best place to relax in your home.

Now you must be looking for ways to style your garden with Bistro furniture. The best news for you is that we have got you covered. In this article, you will get to know what bistro furniture really is and how you can add it to your garden to make it more appealing.

So, let’s start with introducing our Bistro furniture set:


What Is a Bistro Set?

Bistro sets were introduced by the landlords in Paris when they opened their kitchens as the secondary source of income. They used to sell cheap food to people who could pay. This trend moved on and developed into Cafes where people could come, sit and enjoy their food. This was the 19th century when bistro table sets were introduced to accommodate two people and offer a table for comfortable dining.

Today, several styles of Bistro furniture are available ranging from classic metal sets to the modern styles made out of wood or rattan. Well! You might be thinking why bistro furniture sets are popular. They became popular when restaurants created a seating plan outside to accommodate more people. At first, the bistro furniture was made out of metal and tables had marble tops.

However, with increase in popularity bistro furniture got modified and wooden, rattan and metal bistro sets with decorative designs were introduced. Today, they are used in small patios, outdoor areas and gardens to add a touch of elegance to the space.

5 ways to Style Bistro Furniture in Garden

Due to their compact size and versatile designs, bistro sets are popular choices for gardens, patios and balconies. So, whether you have a small backyard or garden here are the five creative ways to transform your space into heaven.

1.  Classic Parisian Charm

If you want to add a timeless charm of Parisian café to your garden and recreate a vibe of bustling French street in your garden then you can follow this idea for a great transformation. You can start by choosing a bistro chair set with wrought iron and pair it with a circular table. Chairs with curved lines would be best for this combination.

To add a touch of elegance to the style you can add bright coloured tablecloths in solid colours and traditional styles.  Towels and linen style tablecloths add charm to this style. You can add more to this style by bringing potted flowers like lavender or geraniums and place them near the table. Moreover, to add a romantic look add small trellis or wrought iron balconies covered with climbing roses.

2.  Rustic Bohemian Oasis

You can get a relaxing and bohemian style feel with rustic bohemian style setting of bistro furniture in your courtyard or garden. To follow this style you can choose a wooden bistro set with a weathered finish to enhance the charm. You can add ethnic style pillows and cushions to create a cosy and inviting space.

Rustic bohemian oasis style becomes really charming if you surround your furniture with sunflowers and ferns. Moreover, adding string lights or lanterns overhead can create a magical atmosphere where you are really going to enjoy evening gatherings.

To add final finishes to the style, use a soft and natural fibre ring under the table to keep everything in connectivity.

3.  Modern Minimalist Haven

If you love contemporary aesthetics and sleek lines then you can add up a modern and minimalistic touch to your garden with bistro furniture. First of all select a monochromatic colour scheme such as black white or grey. Add chairs with clean lines and contemporary designs. Pair them with a simple geometrically shaped table.

You can add potted plants at the side that can include succulents or ornamental grasses. To add more charm in the setting you can add polished stone or concrete elements like planters and stepping stones. This will not only give a sophisticated touch but will also make your garden more welcoming.

Increase the minimalist vibe of the place with outdoor lighting such as string lights, LED’s or floor lamps. Your minimalist garden is ready for evening tea!

4.     Vibrant Mediterranean Escape

If you love the Mediterranean vibe then you can create a vibrant and lively atmosphere by adding bold coloured bistro furniture to your garden. Choose a bistro set with a sturdy metal frame in a vibrant shade like yellow, orange or turquoise. Add patterned seat cushions and tablecloth as a complimentary thing to your set up to enhance its charm.

To get the most out of this style add fernery to the area. Get potted plants like citrus trees, bougainvillaea or palms. Moreover, you can add an extra warm glow to the setting by adding colourful string lights or lanterns.

If you want to add more allure to the area, expand your budget and incorporate mosaic accents or decorative tiles. This way you can enjoy the true essence of Mediterranean charm while sitting in your garden oasis.

5.     Zen Garden Retreat

Are you interested in transforming your outdoor space into a peaceful Zen garden retreat? You can combine bistro furniture that exhibits tranquillity and balance. You can go for a bistro furniture set made from bamboo or teak having clean lines and a minimalist design. You can create a serene environment by adding a water feature like a small water fountain.

To get the most of this style you can arrange potted bamboo, bonsai trees, or Japanese maples around the seating area to induce a sense of harmony with nature. Moreover, you can use gravel or pebbles to create a beautiful path to the seating area.

If you want to further enhance the Zen ambiance you can add soft lighting like candles or lanterns to the setup to enjoy a soothing and meditative experience.

Wrap Up

Your garden is the most appealing area of your house if it is styled wisely. Bistro furniture is a great option for styling your garden in several ways. You can choose the one according to your preference and choice. Visit Purple Leaf today to get the best Bistro furniture that your garden deserves.


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