Umbrella Base In Ground, 21.65"(H) X 15.75"(W) X 15.75''(D)



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  • Space Saving——The main part is embedded deeply below into the ground, leaving more space for your patio.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL—Fit all size PURPLE LEAF cantilever umbrella
  • Safe and stable——Scientific design, which can effectively maintain the stability of the umbrella even in windy days
  • STRONG & HIGH QUALITY—Made of durable steel, maintains a long period lif
  • Dimensions: 21.65" X 15.75" X 15.75'' . ONLY FITS PURPLE LEAF CANTILEVER UMBRELLA

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Umbrella is Going no Where!

This base is exactly what I needed. I live in an area with high winds and any large umbrella is certain to fly away if not properly anchored. The base is VERY big - which means that the hole you have to dig is equally big. It took my son and I about an hour and a half to dig deep and wide enough. We elected to use quick setting concrete, which was probably overkill but again I live in a very windy area. So far, so good!

Brandon Leaman

Umbrella Base In Ground, 21.65"(H) X 15.75"(W) X 15.75''(D)

KL Cole
Easy and awesome

The hardest part was digging the hole. Check the elevation (hole depth minus base height) to ensure the proper finished height and check level often during backfill and compaction and you'll have fantastic results!

Umbrella and base are on the expensive side for most people but absolutely worth the investment.

Very sturdy…be prepared to dig a big hole!

Very well built and I have no doubt this will hold firmly one of the Purple Leaf umbrellas BUT be prepared to dig hole at least 2 feet deep and 1 foot wide. I already have a concrete patio and the cost to dig and repour the concrete is way too much. I will be returning it only because of my poor planning.

Craig Yancich
In Ground Base is the way to go

We bought an 11' cantilever umbrella with inground base. The umbrella is well thought out and comes with a zippered bag/cover that let's the umbrella weather any kind of wind when stowed. The inground base holds the umbrella much better than a normal base and eliminates the huge pile of weights associated with a typical base. Very happy with the purchase.