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Hardtop Gazebo

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the hardtop gazebo?

PURPLE LEAF sends out packages of several boxes, which inside are categorized parts of a hardtop gazebo. All the parts are marked well to clarify their use. Additionally, the parcels include the detailed instructions. If you install it on your own, it will help you assemble the parts quickly when following the instructions.

There is an installation service from the third party. You can enter the official website and get a quotation by filling in corresponding information.

How to choose a suitable hardtop gazebo?

We provide different items in various dimensions, some of which have up to 8 kinds of sizes. The minimum is 10×12 inches, while the maximum is 12×20 inches.

Firstly, you need to measure the dimensions of the installation area. Secondly, the function of the hardtop gazebo must be taken into consideration. For example, it’s used for setting up a dining set, a fire pit, or a bathtub. Avoid choosing a size that is either too large for installation space or too small to cover the outdoor furniture.

Is it stable if I build the hardtop gazebo on a wooden or composite deck, the lawn, or the concrete floor?

Certainly. Our hardtop gazebo is suitable for building on these kinds of floors. Each pole is designed with holes to make it more convenient to anchor on the floor.

If you have any other questions, please contact our service team by emails.

What are the differences between aluminum hardtop gazebo and wooden hardtop gazebo?

Aluminum hardtop gazebo looks more modern and easily matches contemporary home design while wooden hardtop gazebo commonly looks more traditional.

 Aluminum is a kind of corrosion-resistant material which keeps stable under different weather conditions. Hence, an aluminum hardtop gazebo is more durable while a wooden type takes more risks of being damaged after a long time exposing it to moisture and sunlight.

Easy maintenance
For the aluminum hardtop gazebo, you need to clean it with water once every season while the wooden type needs to be maintained with specific detergent once a month. This means you take less money and time to maintain an aluminum hardtop gazebo.

Environmentally Friendly

Aluminum is highly recyclable and is non-toxic during use.

What are the snow load and wind load for the hardtop gazebo?

The snow load is 2500 lbs and the wind load is 40 mph. Its frame is made of alloyed aluminum and the roof is made of galvanized steel. As a result, it is stable enough in most weather conditions.

Does it keep ventilative if there is a small fire pit?

Yes. Our hardtop gazebo is designed with a double roof to ventilate the space and keep the air fresh. If you want to get warm with a small fire pit, you can also roll out the curtain and zip up the netting to keep air circulating and reduce the impact of wind at the same time.