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People are spending more time in the outdoor and gradually ask for higher demands for decorating the backyard. With outdoor furniture getting more diversified, gazebos and pergolas turn out to be the popular ideas of providing an additional shaded area for entertainment in the patio. If you are considering a gazebo or a pergola for your garden, we hope we can offer you some useful ideas through this post.

At the end of post, we display PURPLE LEAFs top 3 of gazebos and pergolas in 2023 for your consideration. If you are interested, just click the link for further information.

What is a gazebo?

Gazebo is a freestanding, open structure with roof. Nowadays, it’s often made of metal or wood. For better experience, PURPLE LEAF mainly provides double-roof hard top gazebos which are made of aluminum and galvanized steel for sturdiness and durability. It features a double-top roof with mosquito netting and curtains which can keep the room ventilated, from bugs and winds at the same time. Apart from that, we provide grill gazebos for specific purpose of barbecue.

What is a pergola?

Structurally, a pergola is similar with a gazebo. Pergola is also a freestanding, open structure with roof. But sometimes they are designed to attach to a house. It can be made of metal, wood or vinyl. It comes in various contemporary design, such as louvered pergola, retractable pergola. Louvered pergola features the louvered roof which can be adjusted from 0°to 90°to control the shaded area while retractable pergola features the adjustable canopy.

Commons between gazebo and pergola

Gazebo and pergola are designed for providing shaded area in the patio, backyard or garden, etc. Both of them can be made of wood, metal or vinyl. They are supported by columns of four or six. To meet various space of backyard, usually they are designed in square, rectangular, or round.

All in all, gazebo and pergola can enhance the aesthetics of outdoor space.

Key differences between gazebo and pergola


Typically, roof is the most different part of both. Gazebo provides a full cover from sunlight and raindrops while pergola provides a partial shelter which keeps part of sunlight and rains out of room. Roof of pergola are designed with slatted roof which are consisted of thin and narrow piece of wood or metal. Some of them are fixed, the other can be adjusted. By contrast, gazebo have fully covered and sturdy roof to provide complete shade and protection from sun and rain.


Originally, pergola is used for offering shade for pathways or supporting climbing plants. Latter, it mainly turns to be shaded structure for relaxation. Due to its structure, it’s noted that it can not provide fully protection from rain.

Relatively, gazebo is often used for gathering a party and turn it to be an inviting place. It provides a safe room in the outdoor, which are out of harsh sunlight, heavy rain, snow and wind. It creates an additional room, an extension from the inner house.

Extra accessories

According to different types, there are various accessories. For gazebo, we provide different colors and sizes  of curtains and mosquito netting for alternatives, which can protect from bug and wind. In addition this Hardtop gazebo can be customized with the addition of ceiling lights.


The most suitable item is exactly something you need rightly. No matter gazebo or pergola, you just need to pick the one that satisfies your requirement and policy in your area.

Best sellers share

TOP 3 Gazebos of 2023

 TOP 1

purple leaf grey gazebo

Patio Gazebo for Backyard Grey Hardtop Galvanized Steel Roof Awning with Upgrade Curtain

Solid product, great customer service

Sara Enyart

Once we ordered our gazebo, a Purple Leaf representative contacted us by e-mail to thank us. They tracked shipping along with us and, once the 7 boxes started to arrive, they wanted to assure that no boxes were damaged. Assembly was lengthy and a little rough, but we knew this when we purchased it. We didn’t have any major problems. Instructions are pretty easy to follow. We advised them that there were a few small dents and dings, but they didn’t affect assembly or the overall appearance of the gazebo. The gazebo and the curtains made it through just fine.We are very pleased with our gazebo and can’t wait to spruce up our outdoor living space!!


purple leaf bronze gazebo

Outdoor Hardtop Gazebo for Garden Bronze Double Roof Aluminum Frame Pavilion

Very nice. Money well spent. Impressed


We received our 12x16 is six different packages on time. The boxes came with no significant damaged and none of our parts had any damage. Every thing was packaged and labeled nicely. The product has a nice Finnish to it and we were impressed with how well it looked. Me and my wife assemble the entire units ourselves with no extra help. The main structure and roof we assembled in approx 5 hours. She did have to stand on a 6ft ladder and hold the center roof assembly while I started the bolts and assembled the other few arms that hold the upper roof. We waited until next day to install the finishing touches. We are extremely please with this product.

 TOP 3

purple leaf wood grain gazebo

Hardtop Gazebo for Patio Wood Grain Galvanized Steel Frame Awning with Netting

Superb Gazebo!!!!

Richard Vogel

Extremely attractive, well-engineered gazebo with clear instructions. Excellent customer service for questions and issues. I assembled this alone except for a few hours with a buddy. Most of the work can be done without assistance. There are a couple of good assembly videos on YouTube that are helpful for little tricks but the instructions are good and well-illustrated. The customer service is fantastic and they will contact you immediately after ordering and guide you through the process. Shipping was super prompt. It arrived in good condition with all pieces and parts. Highly recommend this gazebo!


TOP 3 Pergolas of 2023


backyard pergola

11.5' × 17.7' Outdoor Louvered Pergola with Adjustable Hardtop Gazebo Sun Shade Patio Aluminum Pergola

Fabrizio Scippa

A Perfect Blend of Form and Function. We recently added the Purple Leaf Pergola to our backyard, and it's a true gem that effortlessly combines form and function. The pergola's design is simply stunning, elevating our outdoor space with clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic. Craftsmanship and quality materials shine through, making it a stylish addition that complements any setting. Installation was a breeze, thanks to the well-thought-out design and clear instructions. Even for those without much DIY experience, assembling this pergola is a straightforward process. The integrated net protection is a standout feature. We love how it keeps pesky insects away while providing an unobstructed view. It's a thoughtful addition that enhances both comfort and privacy.


top pergola

PURPLE LEAF Outdoor Adjustable Louvered Aluminum Pergola Metal Roof Hardtop Gazebo for Backyard

D Ellis

The pergola was well packed and in good shape when it arrived. It took just a little less than four hours to assemble with three people. Took a bit longer to anchor into the concrete due to some hard concrete (no fault of Purple Leaf), and there was only one broken plastic piece which was easily replaced with an extra spare part provided in the kit. We are very pleased with how it turned out, will be providing much needed shade during this summers Georgia heat. Would recommend, Thank you.


best pergola

Louvered Pergola Outdoor Aluminum Pergola with Adjustable Roof for Deck Backyard Garden Hardtop Gazebo 

It feels like an addition to house


It feels like we added a room to our house. It took my husband and I 2 days to put it up. The frame on day 1 over 4 hours and the curtain rails and louvers the next day. We set up a ladder with a couple pieces of wood as scaffolding which made the process faster. We followed the instructions in order and all the parts were well packaged. It rained the entire next day and we stayed dry. Well worth the cost.

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