What is the pergola? - Purple Leaf Garden

Scaffolding has been around for centuries. The pergola contains a traditional and meaningful Italian essence in a unique structure, the creation of which dates back to the Middle Ages. These charming open-air structures are held in place with four columns or struts, topped with beams or latticework. Ventilation structures are usually made of wood, vinyl or aluminum.


Pergolas are most often installed on gardens or concrete patios. Sofa sets or barbecue equipment for outdoor furniture are allowed to be placed under them. A pergola is a great way to make your backyard lawn a family gathering place.


Perhaps you've heard of this scaffolding in many places, maybe through media, your friends or your colleagues. But what attracts you to actually want to learn about the uses of a pergola? What attracted you to actually want to research the value of a pergola? I guess it's your love of the outdoors, your careful attention to your home's backyard, and your desire to create beautiful and hospitable, irresistible outdoor sanctuaries for your family and friends. Maybe you sometimes see the drab view out of your backyard window and are not satisfied with the limited space, a pergola is the answer for you, in your backyard, ensuring that you can be as pleasant as you are in the comfort of your own home. Everyone should make their backyard an extension of creative interior design.


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