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When we design our product,we design by four main dimensions:

Three types of fabric:Polyester, Olefin and Sunbrella

two types of Top:Single top and Double top

three types of colors of pole:silver pole,grey pole and wood pattern pole.

With led or not.


As for fabric,we have three fabric: dyed yarn polyester, Olefin and sunbrella .

Dyed yarn polyester is our most popular fabric.Most of our products use this material.

patio umbrella

【polyester】High Quality Fabric: 240/Gsm Polyester Fabric. You won't feel stuffy and will feel the same temperature as inside, breathable and comfortable when using this umbrella in sunny weather. Even after 2 years of using, the vivid color of the umbrella will not change.

【Olefin Fabric】Upgraded polyester fabric, similar to acrylic fabric.You will not feel stuffy and will feel cool and breathable. Olefin fabric is twice as waterproof and tear-resistant as well as UV-protective as ordinary polyester fabric sunshade, because it is more suitable for people who demand higher quality, or for areas with unstable weather conditions.

【sunbrella】Most Luxury 2023 Upgrade Fabrics: No other fabric has been more durable over the years than Sunbrella®. High-quality 100% SUNBRELLA fabric, UV resistant, waterproof and colorfast. It is available in a variety of stripes, solid colors and textures, It is the best matching fabric for your furniture.

As for top of umbrella,we have single top design and double top design.
Usually double top is more expensive than single top.2-tier vents allow for full airflow and heat dissipation. Hot air or wind will flow through the multiple vents quickly which can make your market umbrella more stable against windy conditions and cooler underneath.


patio umbrella


As for pattern of pole, we have silver pole,grey pole and wood pattern. And there is a umbrella is special, it has bigger pole than normal grey pole.

Purple Leaf umbrella

Here is all our PURPLE LEAF umbrella Family members.

Double Top:

Silver Pole umbrella

● LED Silver Pole umbrella

● Wood pattern pole umbrella

● Grey pole umbrella

● Sunbrella umbrella

Single Top (Economical) : All single top pole of umbrella are grey.

● Grey pole umbrella
● Led
● Rectangular Pole
Cantilever umbrellaOutdoorOutdoor umbrellaPatio umbrella

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