Everyone wants to make their home valuable to increase its worth and make it inviting. Though there are many ways to increase the value of your home, adding a hardtop gazebo to your outdoor living space can be worth it.

So, if you have decided to buy a Hardtop gazebo for your home there are many factors you should consider to choose the best one. Your gazebo should not only match your house architecture but should also be durable enough to stay the part of your patio or backyard for a long time.

Here are the things you should consider to buy the best hardtop gazebo for your family and home.

1.                Size of Gazebo

The size of the gazebo is important to consider while buying because it determines the functionality and intended use of this outdoor structure. If you have a large family or host a lot of parties inside the vicinity of your home then you must have a large sized gazebo that could cover up the desired number of chairs with tables.

However, if you want a small cosy area to just enjoy a cup of tea or something else than a compact patio gazebo is enough for your needs. On the other hand, you might need a large gazebo if you do other activities like yoga, meditation or entertainment then a large gazebo will suffice your needs.

Before you go to buy a gazebo, take measurements of your yard or outdoor place. Also, take in consideration the trees and other obstacles that could make the space crowded. The size of a gazebo has also a big effect on the aesthetic appeal. A large 12 x 20 gazebo can create a bold statement but a smaller 12x14 gazebo can easily blend with the surroundings. So, think wisely and then make your decision about the size of your hardtop gazebo.

2.                Construction Material

The construction environment of the hardtop gazebo determines how long the gazebo will stay functional against the weather conditions. If you choose high quality materials like galvanised steel, aluminium or wood your hardtop gazebo will last for many years without any need or repair except paints.

Outdoor structures like patio gazebos are subjected to harsh weather conditions so they should be made of materials that are resistant to corrosion, fading and rusting. Powder coated aluminium and steel provide the best stability and integrity to outdoor structures and keep them stable. They also need less maintenance like cleaning, sealing or painting to maintain the appearance.

Another thing that should be kept in mind while choosing the construction material of the gazebo is its overall look and style contribution. Polycarbonate, aluminium and wood patio gazebos are the best to complement your outdoor space. The construct material also has a significant contribution in weight of the structure. So, you should choose the one that is easier to install and transport.

3.                Durability

The durability of a gazebo is largely dependent on the construction material. The more durable the structure is the longer it stays and keeps your outdoors looking beautiful. While looking for a gazebo you should consider the one that is more weather resistant and less probable to rust or corrode.

Metal gazebos are great for the outdoor modern settings but they need a lot of maintenance and care. A scratch can do a lot to decrease their life. Therefore, choose the gazebo that you can take care of without any hassle.

4.                Gazebo Shape

The shape of the gazebo has a lot to do with the aesthetic sense of the gazebo. Round and rectangular gazebos are popular choices because of their ease of installation and royal look. However, people also go for hexagonal or octagonal shapes because of their aerodynamic qualities. They offer more air resistance than normal round and rectangular shaped gazebos.

While choosing a gazebo shape it is important to keep your preference under consideration to have a structure that looks inviting to you. Moreover, look for functionality too because different shapes and designs offer different uses such as arranging the furniture and assembling cooking or dining equipment for gatherings.

5.                Style and Colour

Your gazebo is the focal point of your garden or outdoor area and it should be appealing enough to catch the eye of everyone who visits your home. So, the style and colour is the most important aspect of choosing the right gazebo for you. Outdoor structures require rich colours and structures that could make them look inviting.

Before choosing the colour and style, closely observe the colour of your surroundings. Keep your windows and doors colour under eyes to make sure that your gazebo is in cohesion with the rest of the furniture and theme of your house.

Moreover, choose the style according to the aura of your house. If the theme of your house is modern then you should choose a gazebo with minimalist choice. Contrary to this, if your home has a traditional theme then you should go for gazebos that are made of wood. This is because wood offers a traditional design along with durability and style.

6.                Affordability

The most important factor that comes into play while buying a gazebo is your budget and the price of the gazebo you want to buy. There are gazebos that cost only a few hundred dollars and others cost over thousands of dollars. The price difference is due to the style and type of material used in the construction of the gazebo.

Therefore, you should look out for the one that offers the best features within your budget. You can buy an economical one and then complement it with curtains and other accessories like string lights to make it more appealing.

Final Words

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