How to Make Your Patio More Inviting?

Imagine, it’s a beautiful sunny day and you are ready to kick back and relax on your patio. Once you get there, you feel why this space feels lackluster? This is the time when you need to make your patio more inviting and relaxing.


No matter if you have a small balcony or spacious backyard, there are plenty of ways to create a welcoming outdoor oasis there. From cozy seating arrangements to adding twinkling lights or pops of different texture and colors you can transform your space into a true extension of your home.   

Let’s explore how to make your patio more inviting.

Determine How Will the Space Function

If you want to get more out of your outdoor space, determine what are the functions and desires associated with it in your head. They will help you in determining the furniture and accessories that you should add into your layout.

A few things that you should ask yourself before going to revamp your patio are:

  • Is it going to be intimate or open?
  • Do you need a diningarea here?
  • What is your seating plan?
  • Do you want it to be a funky place or a sober one?
  • Do you need lightninghere?
  • Do you want the seating plan to go with your view?
  • Do you need any climate control features like heaters or outdoor fans?

Consider Furniture Choices

Cozy furniture is the most important aspect of an inviting and welcoming outdoor space. Hard seats and rocky chairs snatch the comfort of outdoor space and instead of feeling relaxed you might desire to make your way to inside sofas.

Before choosing any furniture for your outdoor space make sure to try out some pieces for seating. However, if you are buying furniture online, you must go for a reliable option like Purple Leaf. Moreover, choose patio furniture with cushioning suitable for outdoors because who wants to bring cushions inside while it rains.

Consider Accessories Choices

Just like you wear jewelry to look attractive, your outdoor space needs some accessories to become exciting. Besides furniture, you can add extra layering of pillows, doormats and carpets to your space. You can add lanterns to the floor, patio umbrella for shade, an outdoor swing, adjustable pergola or hardtop gazebo to make it more charismatic. Also, hanging string lights can make your evenings more romantic.

Adding an outdoor fireplace, candles and small water mountains can make the place more welcoming. However, make sure to check everything is safe outdoors and for a plus spray some sealer to make them outdoor proof.

Add Some Greenery

The fantastic way to add personality to your outdoor space is adding some greenery. Plants are always a beautiful host and aid to improve air quality and release stress. You can choose potted plants of various sizes. Also, you can create a vertical garden by installing hanging planters. The best idea is to have a garden bed or a border along the perimeter of your patio to grow plants.

5 Patio Ideas to Create an Exciting Outdoor Space

You might have created your own idea of creating an inviting outdoor space. However, if you haven’t, here are 5 creative ideas to create an exciting outdoor space. You can pick one up and customize it according to your taste to get your dream outdoor space.

1. Small Outdoor Patio

You don’t always need a big outdoor space to have an attractive patio. A small backyard can also become a great place to relax with the right furniture and accessories choices. Fence the small outdoor area or add trellis for a more secure feel. Get a patio umbrella and bistro table set for your space and add outdoor rug and mounted lanterns to finalize the look. You have your own cozy atmosphere now!

 cantilever umbrella

2. Outdoor patio with a fire pit

You are going to love this idea if you have a great backyard or more often have friends visiting you. Get some planter boxes filled with succulent plants and cacti to outline the patio. Add Adirondack chairs with cozy and warm colored pillows. Place a fire pit at the center of the seating area. Add some extra cozy pillows to offer a place to sit back, relax and roast marshmallows in gatherings. You can also dedicate a small part to kitchen space for outdoor cooking. Moreover, an outdoor gazebo will give an extra lavished look.


3. Fresh Patio with Flowers

If you are a nature lover, this idea is going to be your hot favorite. Get some wall hanging pots with fresh flowering plants to brighten up your patio space. Try to plant perennials that bloom year after year. Wooden chairs with cushions are the best option along with a table at the center. You can add a patio umbrella to have some shade during sunlight hours.



4. Sophisticated Outdoor Patio

If you have a swimming pool adjacent to your outdoor space, you can bring this idea to a beautiful reality. Add a convertible 4 piece sofa set to the seating area and beside the swimming pool add stylish chaise lounge chairs. For giving an extra lavished look add string light to the area. To give an extra sophisticated touch place a patio umbrella to the chaise lounge chairs. Consider some small plants to add to the patio area in ceramic pots.



5. Modern Outdoor Patio

Love spending more time outside or want to enjoy some sports or entertainment while relaxing outdoors? This idea is going to be perfect for you. Add some cozy sofas to your patio area and mount the screen on your exterior wall. Add some cozy cushions and pillows to have more seating capacity. You can add stereo speakers, an outdoor bar with chairs and a fire pit to get a modern look.


Final Words

Having a cozy outdoor space to relax not only saves you from being a couch potato but also refreshes your mind. Therefore, dedicating a small outdoor space to a lavish and comfortable patio is necessary to have a go to place after work. A great patio has comfortable furniture and attractive accessories to keep everyone happy. Get yours from purple leaf today.

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