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How To Determine The True Cost Of The Patio Dining Sets?patio dining chairs and table,brown,wecker,aluminum frame

Patio dining sets can be a perfect addition to your home furniture. There are many types of patio dining sets that vary according to the size of area you have and the purpose why you are buying the furniture of that area. Nowadays, patio dining sets are high in demand and everyone loves to make them a part of their outdoors or indoors. However, the greatest problem they face in buying a patio dining set is that it does not justify the price tag that it comes with.

Though all patio dining sets are advertised as they are high quality, affordable and withstand the rough seasons, they are not suitable for you to buy. In order to buy the one that gives you the proper value of your money, you should know how to determine the true cost of the patio dining sets. This way you could know that you are getting the one that you are going to spend on, not the one that can cost you a lot and tend to rip or fade.

So, let’s get to know all the mysteries behind buying the perfect patio dining set that justifies the price tags too.


Price vs Material Selection


Patio dining sets are highly priced depending on the material of which they are made. Several popular options are available when it comes to material selection.

Wooden Patio Dining Sets

Wooden patio dining sets are popular for giving a classic charm to your indoors or outdoors. They also come with a price tag that can be heavy on your pocket. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a wooden patio set.

Teak wooden patio dining sets are known for their durability, wear and resistance.  It is a premium wood choice for dining sets but often comes with a higher price tag. Cedar wood is also widely used in patio dining sets that come in high price ranges. A more budget-friendly option available to you is eucalyptus. It is durable but may require more maintenance than teak and cedar options.


People have busy lives nowadays, and they cannot give proper time to their furniture to take care of and see for infestations or wear outs. Here, metal furniture comes into play. In metal furniture the popular choice is aluminum that being lightweight, rust-resistant, and durable offers you more value for your money. The price tag varies according to the thickness and design complexity of tables and chairs in the dining sets.

Another popular but a more expensive material than aluminum is wrought iron. Dining sets made of wrought iron are sturdy and timeless. They are more expensive due to the labor-intensive manufacturing process.


Plastic dining sets are made from polyethylene. They are less expensive and come in the affordable range of $300 to$400 per set. Plastic sets are durable and resistant to fading, but the quality varies according to the choice.


Another cool and rustic option is wicker. Wicker patio dining sets are less in demand than other sets and they are priced according to their demand. Two types of wicker sets are available. First ones are the natural wicker patio sets that are made from plant fibers. They are aesthetically pleasing but may require more care.

Second ones are the synthetic wicker dining sets that are usually made of resin or plastic. Synthetic wicker is durable and low-maintenance and comes with a slightly lower price tag.

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How Material Affects Price?

The material choice affects the price highly. Higher quality materials often come with a big price tag but they offer better longevity and resistance to wear and tear. Well known brands use premium materials and offer guarantees for their furniture, so it raises the prices of their products.

Besides material quality and brand repute, intricate designs and detailing can increase the cost of dining sets. Moreover, if you want to add additional features like built-in storage or adjustable components, it will influence the price too.


Craftsmanship in Patio Dining Sets

When it comes to craftsmanship in patio dining sets, the first factor that increases the price is the joinery and finish. Dovetail Joints are signs of quality craftsmanship and provide strength to the connections. They require more hard work and are highly priced. Mortise and Tenon Joints are common in wooden sets and offer stability.

The major price determinant when it comes to the craftsmanship is the finish of the dining set. Well-executed finishes enhance aesthetics and reduce the risk of splinters and make the set more aesthetic and increase the price.

The price tag goes up with more attention to detail. Intricate details require skilled craftsmanship and impacts the overall cost. Well-crafted sets also have additional reinforcements in stress-prone areas. So, it can increase the price.


How design and aesthetics influence the cost of patio dining sets?

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The cost of patio dining sets is highly influenced by design trends. Trendy and popular designs may have higher prices due to increased demand. Moreover, intricate, modern, or unique designs need more labor and craftsmanship due to which the overall cost is increased. The more effort is put into the designing and detailing, the higher the price of patio dining sets.

Modern patio dining sets also include high detailing and involvements of extra accessories due to which their prices are high. Moreover, the design cost is also affected by the quality of material. Limited designs are also very costly as compared to those available to everyone.

Popular brands often use this designing preposition to price their items. They increase the prices of patio dining sets by incorporating unique features like customizations or unique branding. They offer limited-edition designs for few customers or collaborate with renowned artists or interior designers to add more value to their products. Moreover, they offer exclusive collections that can significantly raise the perceived value of the furniture and justify the higher prices.

Durability and Price Tag

It is the rule of thumb, the more you invest in something, the more fruit you are going to get. This stands true in situations when we connect the durability of the patio dining set with its price. Though upfront costs of the products may vary, a comprehensive evaluation of long term value and satisfaction can help you make an informed decision.

How durability affects cost effectiveness?

When it comes to how durability affects long-term cost effectiveness of patio furniture, you can see that investing in a durable patio dining set may initially cost more. But it comes with an advantage that it pays off in the long run and.

Durability of furniture is also dependent on the durability of material used to manufacture. So, durable materials and solid craftsmanship reduce the need for repairs or replacements because durable furniture is wear and tear resistant. So, it results in savings in the long run and provides you with a cost effective investment.

Durability also comes with peace of mind. When you have to do less replacement and repairs, you will be free to use your furniture either way.

Comparison of Cheaper Alternatives and Lifespan

If you want to make sure that your furniture remains in good condition for a long time, you should say no to the cheaper alternatives. They may use lower-quality materials and construction methods and this can lead to a shorter lifespan of your patio dining set. While these sets have a lower upfront cost that can put you in a trap to buy, their higher long-term costs due to replacements or repairs can make you get rid of them.

So, the concept of investing in a long-lasting patio dining set revolves around prioritizing quality over immediate cost savings. If you choose a patio dining set with durability in mind, you can make a wise investment that will pay you off through extended use and reduced maintenance costs.

Several technological innovations such as weather-resistant coatings and eco-friendly materials also increase the price of patio dining sets.

Weather-Resistant Coatings

Products with weather-resistant coatings, such as outdoor furniture, building materials, and electronic devices are considered more durable. They offer resistance to elements like rain, UV rays, and extreme temperatures and help to extend the lifespan of these products. Therefore, with durability product cost goes higher but maintenance costs decrease.

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Eco-Friendly Materials

The use of eco-friendly materials can help increase the sustainability of patio sets by reducing the environmental footprint of products. Modern day consumers value the products made from recycled, biodegradable, or renewable materials. This increases the cost and reputation of the brand as environmentally conscious.

Additional Features

Extendable tables in patio dining sets provide flexibility in space utilization. They also allow the users to adjust the size of the table according to their needs. It becomes useful in small places when accommodating large numbers of guests. Extra features also add up to the competitiveness of the brand and products with extra features have high varying costs.

Brand Value and Supply Chain Pricing

Well established and popular brands price their products higher due to their good reputation for quality. They have a unique philosophy that reflects in their designs. Not only does their furniture offer you a good value for money, you also get good customer service that contributes to the value.

Brand Values Justify Price Tags

Good brands make their reputation over the years by providing high quality products to their customers. Despite their prices being high you can get a patio dining set that is good in both durability and aesthetics.

If you are into the uniqueness of your home furniture, brands bring to you the exclusivity and availability factor. Limited availability or exclusive releases have higher values than non-exclusive items. If you can afford them, their values may justify the money you are going to spend. Moreover, premium products with customization options also cost more than usual prices.

In addition, established brands have higher prices due to consumer trust in quality. Their logos, endorsements, and brand image can impact perceived value. Moreover, a brand name also adds up to the overall importance of your patio dining set.

How Supply Chain Pricing Impacts Cost?

Everybody sees the material and craftsmanship course, but they neglect the supply chain pricing that can have a significant impact on the price of your patio dining set. Several factors like raw material costs, production efficiency, and transportation expenses influence supply chain pricing.

Reputed brands have streamlined and efficient supply chains to fulfill the demands of their customers on time. To run such a supply chain smoothly, a high cost is required and it affects the prices of the products being delivered. Though brands use high-quality, premium materials that invite higher initial costs. However, they bring it to competitive pricing by building efficient supply chains and manufacturing processes that can lower production costs.

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Final Words

If you want to buy a good patio dining set, you should consider highly durable material and additional features like eco-friendliness and extendable table. We recommend you not to look at the price tag but at the durability because maintenance costs sometimes shoot up the original value of your patio dining set. You can go to Purple Leaf to get your hands on the best patio dining set and get the best value of your money.


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