Everyone loves a nice patio.Install a brand new gazebo in your backyard. You can enjoy spending time outside, it's the perfect place to relax. You can find many different types on the market, each with its own unique application.


If you have a patio or deck, a roof-like structure will extend the time you spend entertaining guests or relaxing outdoors. With the growing popularity of outdoor living spaces, it can increase the value of a home. Before jumping into a pergola project, consider the following:


Materials: These can include hardwood to plywood, metals, prefabricated materials, fabric, and glass.


Budget: The two most significant expenses will be labor and materials. If your budget is limited (and that's most of us), this is where resourcefulness, smart planning, DIY skills, and creativity come into play.


Contractor vs. DIY: Who is going to build it? Will it be a do-it-yourself project, or will you hire a Contractor? A prefab pergola kit is an alternative.


We've found diverse pergolas that represent different styles, sizes, materials, and budgets sure to inspire you.

Types of gazebo

There are many types of gazebos, choosing a pavilion that suits you will bring you better enjoyment.


A shed that is propped up on the ground for shelter from wind, rain and sunlight and is used for temporary living. It is mostly made of canvas, and can be removed and transferred at any time, together with the supporting things.

Advantage:Portable and easy to assemble. Many usage scenarios.cheap price.The tent is carried in parts and assembled on site.

Defect:Short service life, low support strength, easy to be blown away by the wind, poor heat dissipation



What used to be called a patio roof is now commonly referred to as a pergola―it provides shelter from the sun, rain, and wind while extending your home's living space. A major architectural structure, pergolas consist of rafters, beams, and posts and can be attached or detached to a house. While opinions vary on what differentiates it from a gazebo, usually a gazebo is freestanding and has a pitched roof, while a pergola's roof is flat. The terms arbor and pergola are often used interchangeably, but an arbor is more of a structure used to support vines or to direct foot traffic within a garden.

Keep Things Small and Simple 

While pergolas can come in plenty of styles, colors, and styles, it often feels as though pergolas can be towering structures taking up large amounts of space. The reality, though, is that you can custom build a pergola to be any size that you want. This pergola perfectly covers the small deck area built into the ground, giving the space a much more defined presence. The perfect sized pergola is the one that fits your needs.

Try a Metal Pergola

Wood is far from the only material you can use to create a gorgeous pergola, and this stunning metal design is proof. While generally a little more expensive than wood, other options include aluminum alloys, stainless steel or even galvanized metal, like the one shown here. The advantage of metal is that it has unique patio characteristics, and it has an increased likelihood of having a long service life.

Just like our Purple Leaf Outdoor Patio 12x16 Grey Metal Framed Backyard Hardtop Pergola, the overall frame is made of aluminum alloy metal to ensure light installation and overall strength. The installation method at the turning point is 90°, and the metal material is resistant to high temperature and is not easy to deform. There are separate drainage channels designed to protect from the rain in rainy days. The overall appearance is simple and elegant, and it is built near the simple house design, which reflects each other. The top above the Pergola can be turned on and off, it can be turned off on rainy days to shield you from the wind and rain, and on sunny days or at night to enjoy the beauty of the sun and moonlight.


Adding a gazebo allows you to enjoy the experience again and again, whether you enjoy 5 minutes a day or an entire weekend, your backyard will provide you with more fun all season long. Don't forget next year, the year after, as long as you stay in this house. When you're ready to move to your next home, your investment in backyard living space will retain its value, increasing your home's resale value.

Arrange your garden as you like

Of course, a suitable gazebo must take dimensions into account. You can choose the right one based on the size of your backyard and the space you want to give your gazebo. If you have a backyard, you can choose to our company's PURPLE LEAF 12' x 16' Patio Gazebo with confidence.Of course We have pavilions of various sizes, and there is always one that is suitable for you to take home. Bring curtains with mesh and ceiling hooks to create the perfect outdoor setting for any time of year. Enjoy the outdoors all four seasons under a metal frame made of rust-resistant aluminum and rust-resistant galvanized steel. The built-in curtains and mesh are a protection in the hot sun, the independent curtain can block the sunlight, and the independent mesh can block the invasion of mosquitoes, creating an ideal place for outdoor leisure. You can use the ceiling hooks to meet your resistance to hot weather. You can install a fan on the top hook to make reasonable use of the ventilation of the double roof to keep the interior cool at all times. Or set the mood by hanging chandeliers from built-in ceiling hooks for extra functional lighting and premium design. For years to come, you'll be relaxing with a beverage of your choice in your new favorite outdoor living space.

Screen House

One thing we always want more of when it concerns our backyard is privacy. We live in a plugged-in society where everything is a click away and conversations are held on remote digital platforms instead of face-to-face. Sometimes we want to come home to a place to relax and unwind from all the chatter. Creating a comfortable and relaxing spot requires some privacy. There are several ways you can achieve privacy in your backyard.

There is also peace in the outdoors

If you want a private space that only belongs to you outdoors, you might as well take a look at our company's PURPLE LEAF 12' x 14' Patio Screen House. The solid screens on all sides bring you a privacy space. In bad weather, Nothing can disturb your outdoor experience, ensuring a good indoor experience. The unique drainage system at the eaves allows the water to flow down the columns without worrying about stagnation water. The front & back wall fitted with double sliding doors is convenient for enter and exit. Oversized windows with netting can circulates air, lets lots of light in, provides excellent views and protect privacy.The double-layered roof can bring in a steady stream of fresh air even when the all screens are fully closed.Every wood finish coated aluminum pole comes with 6 LED lights which are battery power, independent switch and separate control, can brighten the night and beautify your patio,it adds a quiet atmosphere to the out doors at night.

Let it be your social space

You now have a functional space. This is an opportunity to connect with the people around you and the gazebo can be that reason to gather.Many of life's best moments happen in the backyard. The kids love to play in the backyard and there are naughty dogs running around in the backyard. Every episode is a precious memory. Bring your family and friends to this cozy space, drink and chat, you will feel very happy and get closer to each other.Create memories with your family and friends by hosting dinner parties, pool parties, reunions, and BBQ with neighbors, etc.

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