How to Care For Outdoor Aluminum Furniture?

Aluminum furniture is the most preferred type of furniture for patio and outdoor areas. If you want to add it to your outdoor area you must know how to care for it to prolong its life and let it stand the test of time.

Don’t worry if you are planning to add aluminum furniture to your outdoors and don’t know how to care for it. This article will provide you with valuable tips to care for your outdoor aluminum furniture to keep it looking unspoiled for longer.

Here’s all you need to know about caring for aluminum furniture.

Are you looking for ways to take care of your aluminum furniture? Read till the end to keep your furniture shinier for longer.

Types of Aluminum Used For Patio Furniture

There are three main types of aluminum commonly used in making patio furniture.

  1. Wrought Aluminum

Wrought aluminum is practical in creating patio furniture with a Victorian style design. It resembles traditional wrought iron pieces.

  1. Tubular Aluminum

Tubular aluminum is easy to shape. Moreover, its lightweight nature makes it suitable for creating furniture that is easy to move.

  1. Cast Aluminum

Furniture made using cast aluminum uses a process called casting. In this process, aluminum is melted and poured into a mold. It is considered to be the most durable form of aluminum. The cast pieces are then welded together to form a strong structure that resists water and other environmental conditions.

Cast aluminum is heavier than wrought and tubular aluminum so it is a popular choice for making aluminum furniture.

Easy ways to take care of outdoor furniture

Patio furniture is mostly made of cast aluminum. It is not supposed to rust but a layer of powdery white oxidation develops on it due to natural phenomena. Many people think that removing cast aluminum oxidation is difficult and they go to furniture stores to get it removed. However, they don’t know that they can remove it through DIY methods.

·        Cleaning cast aluminum furniture

Most people use alkaline cleaners to remove that powdered dust like material from the aluminum furniture but they are unaware that alkaline cleaners increase oxidation. They contain chemicals like ammonia and trisodium phosphates that are strong enough to promote oxidation of aluminum in patio furniture.  

If you see that your aluminum furniture has got some white dust, you should mix vinegar and water in 1:1 to make an acidic solution. After making the solution follow these steps.

  1. By using a stiff brush remove debris from the furniture like aluminum chair table or bench. If you have more intricate furniture then use a toothbrush sized stiff wire brush.
  2. Wear gloves to protect your hands and dip a pad in the acidic solution you made.
  3. Rinse the furniture with warm water and dry it with a towel.
  4. Apply a thin coat of car wax with a smooth cloth to add some lustre and prevent corrosion due to environmental factors.

Pro Tip: Don’t over wash your furniture because it can lead to increased oxidation. Moreover, you can try adding covers to outdoor furniture to save it from dust and moisture.  

·       Preventive measures for aluminum furniture

After the cleaning process is completed, you can prevent the oxidation in your furniture by taking some preventive measures. Here are few of them:

  1. Use car wax to provide an extra coating of protection against oxidation.
  2. If you don’t have car wax at your home you can use baby oil to apply to the furniture.
  3. Silicon spray can also help you to protect your aluminum furniture from rusting and keep it shining for longer.
  4. Don’t try to powder wash your furniture using a high pressure stream of hot water. It will cause harm instead of protection.
  5. Always use a soft sponge to clean the furniture.
  6. Don’t put extra pressure through water pipes or cleaners.
  7. Never try to use bleach to remove light yellow oxidation material on the furniture. Instead use a mild cleaner.
  8. Avoid rough cleaning material. It can remove the protective layer and expose the metal to the environment that causes rusting.

By taking all these preventive measures you can save your furniture from losing its shine over time. If you are planning to buy new furniture like aluminum pergola or aluminum gazebo then Purple leaf is the best choice for outdoor furniture lovers.

Leaving aluminum furniture outdoors

Well! That depends on the quality of furniture you have. Usually, aluminum furniture is designed in such a way that it can withstand outdoor conditions. However, it's recommended to cover your outdoor furniture in the garden or patio during extreme weather conditions. Moreover, don’t keep it outside during long periods of nonuse to extend its lifespan.

If you want to buy furniture that could not only offer a splendorous look to your outdoors or patio but also withstand the environmental challenges, you can choose Purple leaf.

Get Rid of Scratches on Aluminum Furniture

Most of the time your aluminum furniture will be damaged due to the use of hard metal to repair it. Otherwise, if you have kids at home, scratches are just normal things to have. So, what do you do if you’ve got some nice scratches on your furniture? Alright! You don't have to worry.

If your outdoor aluminum furniture gets scratched you can try using non-abrasive metal polish or a mixture of baking soda and water to gently buff scratches, But if the scratches are deeper you can touch up paint which is especially designed for aluminum furniture. Finally, you can coat it with metallic paint to make the surface shiny.

Maintaining the finish on outdoor aluminum furniture

Abrasive cleaners and alkaline solutions are the biggest agents for damaging aluminum furniture surfaces. Avoid using them if you want to maintain the finish of your furniture. Clean the furniture regularly to remove any debris or stains and apply a coat of wax once a month to keep the finish looking fresh and vibrant.

Final Words

Caring for aluminum furniture is the best way to keep your furniture looking shiny for a long time. In addition, before buying furniture it is important to know how to take care because prevention is better than cure. Visit Purple Leaf to buy premium aluminum furniture!


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