How Pergolas are Great Landscape Investment

How Pergolas Are Good Landscape Investment?

We all love outdoor spaces and nothing can beat the pleasure of an open-air friends sitting. But what keeps us away is the harmful sun rays that prevent us from connecting with nature.


If you own an outdoor space and want to elevate the enjoyment of an outdoor sitting, your first purchase should be to install a Pergola.


If you are outside of the landscaping profession and unaware of what a pergola is and how to use it, this guide is for you. Read along to know how this fantastic outdoor feature is the perfect backyard idea.


Pergola is a great outdoor structure that adds significant value to your leisure spaces. It comes in distinct variety, sizes, and an extensive range of designs depending upon your outdoor needs.

What is Pergola?

Pergola is an outdoor structure that forms a partial or complete shaded pathway with a roof supported by powerful rafters and beams. It can be left opened or covered using woody vines depending on your preference. Whatever you choose, the best pergola is the one that makes your outdoor living space aesthetically beautiful.


Sometimes it is an extension of a building or a freestanding structure allowing the sunshine to enter and blocking the direct sun rays.



Today, Pergolas can also have an outdoor curtain, loggia sliding panels, or glass panels. It can be round, arched, oval, or rectangular in shape. Modern Pergolas are built using aluminum, metal, fiberglass, wood, or PVC.


To have a better understanding of what pergola is, it is important to compare and contrast pergolas with other outdoor structures, here is a brief contrast and comparison between the two.


  1. Pergola Vs Gazebo
  2. Pergola Vs Arbors
  3. Pergola Vs Carports


Pergola Vs Gazebo

Gazebos are stand-alone decorative structures often seen in parks, gardens, or poolside. It provides a closed solid roof which serves as great protection from rain and other elements.


They are ideal structures for areas directly facing the sun. Gazebos can be wooden, stone, or metal made and you can choose from its extensive styles that perfectly elevate the garden or your home exterior architecture.


Pergolas, on the other hand, are often closed or open overhead shelters with intermittent beams laid across the roof. They are often freestanding structures, or supported by the outer wall of the house.



Pergola Vs. Arbors

Arbor is a type of enclosure that is relatively smaller than a Pergola. It is a stand-alone structure that serves as an entrance to a garden or doorway. It is either custom-built or a Do-it-Yourself task. It is relatively less expensive and requires minimum labor and fewer material.


Whereas Pergola is a shaded roof to a deck, outdoor room, or patio and is attached to the exterior of the house. It is used to build larger spaces and involves a greater architectural treatment.



Pergola Vs Carports

Carports are overhead shelters used to protect automobiles from snow, rain, and sun. These structures are either wall-mounted or freestanding. They are rigid roofs made from aluminum or wood. They are relatively cheaper than garages and take very less time to build.


Pergolas are roof shelters that are built to prevent outdoor weather. They can be turned into a carport when extra space is needed for vehicles. They come in multiple colors and designs to fit your home exterior. It is preferable to use a pergola with a closed roof as a carport to protect your valuable car.


Pergola has an added option of height adjustment, so you can increase the height for your taller vehicles and can lower them for your streamlined vehicles.




Few Reasons Why Pergolas is a Great Outdoor Investment.

Pergola is a great landscape investment. It gives homeowners a good opportunity to better enjoy the comforts of their indoor living spaces on their backyard patio.


Not only it provides shelter from rain and scorching sun but is an affordable option to landscape areas like pools and hot tubs to look more elegant and fascinating.


Pergolas are a great addition to your garden, patio, and backyard. It transforms your dull landscape into an elegant and environmental-friendly oasis.


Here are some reasons why you should think of incorporating pergolas as a great backyard investment.




  1. It is great for your outdoor dining and entertainment-Whether planning to arrange a backyard barbeque, afternoon grilling, yoga, or meditation, Pergola provides a good lounging space for dining or other leisure retreats. Pergolas serve as a great shelter above the pool covered with live foliage, canopy, or shade.


  1. It gives you more room to upgrade your planting area- Pergolas serve as an ideal choice for gardeners looking for vertical planting solutions. Hanging climbing plants such as roses and vines at the corner of the pergolas combined with LED lightning gives a pleasant view at dusk.  


  1. It makes your outdoor spaces more private- Although pergolas have no side walls and doors, but it is a good feature to create a sense of isolation. You can personalize your garden, pool, or backyard with customized and unique pergolas. It blocks out all views from above, right and left. It gives you a definite spot to eat, relax and enjoy.


  1. It enhances the beauty of your outdoor space- Pergola is a great addition to your unpleasant, empty backyard. By adding a pergola onto your property, you can enjoy the health benefits of outdoor space without worrying to go far away from home. This way, you can also design a fun botanical tunnel for your visitors to wander around.



If you are searching for options to install a pergola, Contact the Purple Leaf company right now.


How To Choose The Best Pergolas For Your Outdoor Embellishment?

Homeowners are open to a variety of pergolas to structure their backyards. Each pergola has its own benefits, material, and cost involved. Here is the list of the most popularly used pergolas for your backyard makeover.


Some Pergolas have moveable rafters so that you can adjust your sunlight or rain prevention accordingly. Some basic pergolas styles include


  1. Attached Pergolas
  2. Freestanding Pergolas
  3. Arched Pergola
  4. Louvered Pergola
  5. Awning Pergola

Attached Pergolas

An attached pergola is one that has overhead beams attached to the exterior wall of your house. It is visibly like an extension of a room despite being a separate structure. It is ideal for commercial spaces or dining areas.


If you are tight on a budget, the attached pergolas are the perfect choice for you. Because they have fewer posts, their costs are 20% lesser than the detached ones. The attached pergolas are practical options from both light and constructive perspectives.

Arched Pergolas

A relatively less common pergola used as a decorative feature for a garden or patio.  It is a walkway tunnel from one location to another.

Louvered Pergolas

Louvered pergolas are also called Modular pergolas that come with moveable rafters to adjust the sunlight as required. They are modern shade solutions that offer both manual and electrical systems through which you can adjust the rafters according to your comfort.  


It upgrades your outdoor spaces by providing a shelter that is completely in your control. These rafters can be rotated 180 degrees for more customized comfort.

Awning Pergolas

An awning or floating pergolas are the most visibly seen pergolas outside business premises or commercial entrances. They are suitable for outdoor gatherings or automobile overhead shelters. They give you an aesthetic appeal by adding flowers and climbing plants.

Freestanding Pergolas

A freestanding pergola is a distinct landscape element that is not attached to your house. You can install a freestanding pergola above the pool or a garden or outside an area away from home. Freestanding pergolas are usually built on four posts with fully mounted concrete footings independent of any anchored surface like a patio or deck.


It allows maximum flexibility and a wide range of styling options.


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Frequently Asked Questions?


  1. What Is A Pergola?

Pergola is an outdoor structure that forms a vertical roof-like column supported by rafters and beams. It is a great outdoor investment for the one who looks up to maximizing outdoor spaces. It can be used as a leisure space or for commercial purposes.


  1. Is The Pergola Cheaper?

Being an outdoor feature, pergolas come in every price category- from being affordable to being extremely expensive. Depending on the type and material used, pergolas range from


  1. Why Pergola Is A Good Landscape Investment?

Pergolas provide a great outdoor shelter from the sun during the hot summer days while still allowing the sunlight to enter through the rest of the year. Pergolas add beauty to the patio, deck, or garden which otherwise feels too exposed.  From a design perspective, it creates room for creativity, flexibility, and variation.


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