Difference between wooden gazebo and metal gazebo

Patio gazebos are very popular in the market and are widely preferred by many customers. The advantage of patio gazebos is that they are very easy to assemble and dismantle. This is not the case with metal gazebos. But when it comes to comparing the life span of both these different types of gazebos a metal gazebo will last for many more years as compared to a patio gazebo. Some people prefer the wooden gazebo which will definitely last longer than a gazebo made of metal. But gazebos are meant to be kept in the backyard so it has to adjust to different weather conditions. So if it rains wooden materials are more likely to get spoiled as compared to metals.

  1. Waterproof and moisture-proof: The wooden pavilion is very susceptible to moisture and rot after contact with rainwater, especially in the rainy south, small mushrooms may grow, resultingin a wooden pavilion that is far less practical and safe than aluminum alloy pavilions.
  1. The aluminum alloy pavilion has good insect resistance, which can prevent the erosion of termites and other pests, and greatly enhance the service life of the product.
  1. The aluminum alloy pavilion will not have cracks, deformations and other physical phenomena like wooden pavilions after exposure to the sun, which will affect the appearance, and the aluminum alloy pavilion is easy to clean, which can save maintenance time.
  1. There are many kinds of colors, not only can achieve the color of anti-wood grain, but also can customize the color according to your own preferences.
  1. Low carbon and environmental protection, aluminum alloy materials are recyclable materials, and there will be no formaldehyde and other gases that endanger human health.
  1. Strong plasticity, aluminum alloy material has strong plasticity, and can be made into various desired shapes to fully display its own personality.
  1. Fire resistance, aluminum alloy material is a metal material, which completely solves the shortcomings of flammability of wood products, and is more safe and reliable.
  1. Easy to process, the pavilion materials for doors and windows are professional aluminum alloy materials, without complex cutting tools and processing equipment.
  1. The installation process is simple and easy to understand, no complicated process is required, and the installation time is saved.
  1. Safe and sturdy, using 90-degree right-angle splicing process, not easy to deform and beautiful in appearance.

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The aluminum alloy gazebo replaces the original wooden frame and steel structure to give people all the fun. At the same time, the aluminum alloy pavilion has a realistic wood imitation effect, does not fade, has a good visual and hand feeling effect, and has a natural and generous shape, which can meet people's original ecology and return to nature's life.

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