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Have you ever wondered what makes the right patio umbrella? In the world of outdoor living, every detail contributes to comfort and style. So, selecting the right patio umbrella is a decision that is necessary to make it a stylish part of your backyard.

Before buying a patio umbrella here are some essential elements that need to be considered such as size, material, and design. Whether you want it for having a shady oasis for summer gatherings or just for a cozy retreat for your morning coffee these factors will make it a perfect fit.

Read till the end to know all about enhancing your outdoor space through the right patio umbrella selection.


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Size of Patio Umbrella

When it comes to choosing the perfect patio umbrella, size is the most important consideration. It can make the difference between a shady outdoor space and cramped one. Here is how you can choose a perfectly sized patio umbrella.


Access the available place

While choosing a right sized umbrella you should understand the dimensions of your patio or outdoor area first. For this purpose grab a measuring tape and check the width and length of the space you intend to shade. Don’t forget to measure the irregularities and obstructions in the places that might become a hurdle between umbrella installments.

Another factor is the shape of the area. Your patio might be square, rectangular or oval which means that you have to select the umbrella according to the shape.  A square or rectangular patio may require a different umbrella configuration than a circular or irregular patio.

Determine the size of umbrella

The main function of a patio umbrella is to provide shades so it should cover the area where you and planning to have seating.  The size of the umbrellas canopy depends on the coverage area. Another thing that matters is the number of seats you want to have.

If you want to have a dining table under an umbrella, the canopy should extend at least 2 feet beyond the edges of the table to provide shade properly. However, for a standalone seating area you should calculate the space required to cover the chairs and any additional seating arrangements.

Don't forget to consider the height of the umbrella to make sure that you can comfortably sit and move around in the shady area without feeling cramped. If you have taller furniture then you may select a taller umbrella to create an airy and open atmosphere.

Moreover, if you have a dining table on your patio then you can go for a circular patio umbrella. Freestanding or offset umbrellas come with their own base and can be placed anywhere on your patio. They are an excellent choice if you want to create a standalone seating or lounging area.


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Material selection

Materials play an important role when it comes to picking the right patio umbrella. You should explore the options for both the frame and canopy materials before buying a patio umbrella.


Frame Materials

Aluminum frames are the most popular choices because they are lightweight and resistant to rust. They can be a smart choice if you want an umbrella that is easy to move around and matches with outdoor decor.

However, if you want a more classic, natural look, opt for woodgrain umbrella stands. They have a timeless aesthetic and are sturdy enough to give a more nature-friendly feel.

Another option is steel frames that are robust and perfect for windy areas. They are often powder coated to prevent corrosion. However, steel umbrellas are heavier and they are not a portable option as the aluminum umbrellas.




Canopy Materials

Polyester canopies are a budget-friendly option as they come in various colors and patterns. However, they are not durable and fade away quickly.

Another option is high-quality 240/gsm yarn-dyed polyester fabric canopies that are known for their vibrant colors and resistance to UV rays. They are the best option when it comes to price and durability. Moreover, they are easy to clean and maintain. So, you can call them a practical choice.

Besides, if you are looking for top-notch quality and longevity then the sunbrella fabric canopy is the best option to go for. This is because it is highly durable, fade-resistant and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Though it is costly as compared to other options, it is seriously the investment that pays off in the long run.


Design of Patio Umbrella

The design of your patio umbrella is not just about looks it also reflects ambiance and comfort. The patio umbrella you choose should harmonize with your existing outdoor furniture and surroundings. Therefore you should consider a color similar or in contrast with your patio items.

Moreover, your patio should reflect your personal style so select a design that resonates with you and enhances the overall ambiance. Here are some factors on which your patio umbrella design depends on.


Umbrella Shape

First on the list are the round umbrellas that are classic and versatile. They provide even shade coverage and work well with most outdoor setups. Therefore, they are excellent choices for traditional patio dining.

Another option is a square or rectangular umbrella for a modern and structured appearance. They are particularly well-suited for square or rectangular dining tables. Also, they help you to create a clean and organized look.

The king of patio umbrellas is the cantilever or offset umbrellas. If you want flexibility in shading they are the priority. Patio umbrellas feature a side pole that allows you to position them where you need shade. So, the central pole will never obstruct your view or seating arrangement.

Additional Features

You can also add extra features like wind vents to your umbrellas. They allow wind to pass through the canopy and reduce the risk of the umbrella overturning during gusty conditions. Additionally, you can extend your outdoor activities into the evening by installing LED lights on your umbrella frame or cover, or you can simply purchase umbrellas with light strips.

Besides this, many adjustable features like tilt and crank mechanisms can help you to enhance your umbrella’s functionality. Tilt allows you to angle the canopy to block the sun at different times of the day. Whereas, the crank mechanism makes it effortless to open and close the umbrella.


Final Words

Choosing the right patio umbrella for your backyard is not easy as you have to take in consideration the size of the umbrella, the material it is made of and its design. Look carefully and select the umbrella that not only suits your needs but also your budget. To buy versatile cantilever umbrellas you can visit Purple Leaf today.


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