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Shade, formerly known as a patio roof, is now commonly referred to as a gazebo—it primarily serves the practical function of sheltering from the sun, the wind, and rain, and provides the power to expand your outdoor living space and style your patio. With rafters, beams and columns as the main structure, it can be attached to the house or installed independently from the courtyard. Although people have different opinions about gazebos, usually gazebos are freestanding, perhaps with a sloping roof, perhaps with a flat roof. If you have a garden or deck in your yard, you can easily enjoy leisure time outdoors and entertain friends and family in the back garden of your home. As outdoor living spaces become more comfortable, it can add more value to your home.

If your has a garden or deck, a gazebo will expand your space for entertaining guests and extend your relaxing outdoor time. With the increasing popularity of outdoor living and entertainment, it can exponentially increase the outdoor value of people in the home environment. However, before you are ready to create a pergola project, please carefully consider the following:

Building Permits: In your state, you may need to apply for an additional building permit for this type of building. Please learn more about building permits for the construction of gazebos.

Materials: Gazebo materials can include hardwood, metal, fabric, or glass, among others.

Budget: The two most important expenses will be the price of the gazebo itself and labor to install the gazebo.

Contractors vs DIY: You need to think, who will build the gazebo? Building a gazebo is an ongoing project, do you do it yourself, or will you hire a contractor?

We've found 3 different pergolas that represent different colors, sizes and budgets that are sure to inspire you.

10'X13' Bronze Louvered Pergola

The 10' X 13' size modern louvered pergola combines a traditional open roof pergola and a pavilion with a closed roof, can cover up to 130 square feet of shade. Louvered pergola allow for custom shading in different directions, providing full shading capabilities when the louvered pergola are tilted closed, blocking bright light and harmful UV rays. This louvered pergola pairs perfectly with khaki curtains to give the impression of an otherworldly outdoor area. A minimalist sofa set or a 6-seater table and chairs complete the look. Composed of aluminum alloy frame and galvanized steel roof, it is rust and corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The sink design and the special sloping structure ensure that rainwater runs off the edges of the frame and poles. Includes removable privacy curtains and netting to help keep bugs out of the louvered pergola and provide privacy. This is the dream louvered pergola canopy for gardens, backyards, pools, spas, beaches, patios, decks, parties.

10'X13' Grey Louvered Pergola

2022 Upgraded 10'X13' size louvered pergola: Designed with two independent adjustable roofs that can be opened and closed, just shake the handle to adjust the coverage area. Constructed of premium outdoor materials with powder-coated aluminum frame and galvanized steel louvered pergola, it is rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant for long-term outdoor use. Each louver is equipped with a drainage slot and has a complete drainage system. The special sloping structure ensures that the rainwater runs off the edge of the frame and down to the poles. Removable curtains and nets ensure UV and rain protection and are designed to maintain good ventilation and open views.

11.5'X17.7' Grey Louvered Pergola

This 11.5 x 17.7 patio louvered pergola provides up to 200 square coverage Area feet of direct coverage from the sun, providing you a place for outdoor entertainment like party, dinner or spa.

The unique adjustable louvered louvered roof design allows you to control the amount of sun or shade you receive. Keeps out the bright light and harmful UV rays. Constructed with powder coated aluminum frame, which is rust-resistant and not easy to deform. Designed to last for years to come. This outdoor pergola has a built-in hidden gutter system along the roof to redirect the water to outside posts, avoiding water accumulation on the roof and keeping dry underneath.

The outdoor area shown here could be an extension of the house but also feels like its own private nook. The pergola stretched across the space allows the small corner to not feel too boxed in, while still providing the perfect hideaway to sit in on the deck.


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